Summer Shades

Thursday, 2 August 2018

Hey its probably took THE LONGEST time coming for this post, but with more heatwave weather on the way for the UK, my timing is Perfect. Seriously though its the 2nd August 2018 and I haven't even posted anything about Sunglasses, who am I?.
Seriously though its the 2nd August 2018 and I haven't even posted anything about Sunglasses, who am I?.
So this year summer trending sunglasses where the small framed ones from Matrix style to colour lenses to basically a 2 pence piece covering just your eyes. They were seen on everyone from Rhianna, Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid, to Bloggers and Influencers EVERYWHERE.

This was a big retro look for Accessories this year especially in the UK as we finally blessed with more than 2 days of sunshine and scorching weather, this summer has us all rocking fashion accessories that we don't have to just wear on Instagram. But fast forward to my love of shades and this year's big fashion accessory - sunglasses. Now I have to be a little honest as much as I love this trend, it defiantly a Whole 90's era going on with them remember films like Clueless, or Tv shows like Friends, Sabrina the teenage witch, Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Alex Mac wheres a Hat (WAIT that might be showing my age and some) to music from Aaliyah - to spice girls, throw in Fashion trends like and Co-ord's, checks and gingham prints, cropped, halter neck tops, spaghetti strap tops or slinky dresses, lots of lingerie oh  and oversized belted jeans lots of Tommy Jeans, Sliders. Right down to these tiny sunglasses - I see you 90's I see you again aha.

                                                                        These are the a (well if you're for the UK) accessories we could only dream about wearing on holiday, I even topped up my melanin - FINESSE aha. But and yes it's a but, I felt to boujee to wear them and the fact I also wanted to hide my eyes as they were a hideous sight from my unloved allergy of HAYFEVER Ugh! Enter my another 90'S shade of shades Circular Sunglasses. 

Now circular shades are my favs for 3 reasons
1. I can hide my whole eye area bags included
2. depending on if I need to take them off or not I could also roll out without doing my eyebrows - Yes I did!
3. they also make my forehead smaller or more in proportion to my face whilst making my outfit look amazing
(let's face it its either denim shorts and a t-shirt or jeans and a t-shirt so it's defo not that hard to look cute in any of these combinations.

Whats on rotate in my eyewear department

Anyways whats your favourite go-to sunglasses style?

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