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Tuesday, 17 April 2018

I actually wish I was blogging when I wanted to before it became so big. I remember when H&Ms first collab was with Karl Largerfeld in 2004, I dont think I even heard of a High Street shop teaming up with  such a Big Designer before which sold out - No SHIT THOU it was Karl Lagerfeld after all and for the fans that love his creativity but couldn’t afford the prices this was definitely a great way to own a piece of your favourite designers creations without spending your rent money or saving every bit of your wage and living of chicken and dumplings for a month and No I didnt cop anything  items from Karl Lagerfeld & HM collab but have done with others and also also lived of Chicken and Dumplins or Ramen Noodles for a Month or 3, non student and student aha.

List of Collaboration

So whilst this New Moschino x HM collaboration has come about I seriously got caught up in the fact that HM’s have had some serious designer collaborations out there on the High street, maybe even providing HM’s at the Top High Street Fashion game- no joke even their own clothing is just as great as a collab and I don't think I have even pushed up my top lip about the prices from Homeware to Kids. I did find a list of Dates and Designers they have teamed up with other the years over on harpers bazaar - here 

List of my Fav collabs with HM’s

1 Erdem, now I know This is fairly recent but I absolutely love Erdem Mary K get's it right every time for me I feel so alive and funny inside with all her designs its a mad kind of feeling I don't think I could ever describe properly - as you can see lol. I didn't get to take purchase anything thou but I remember keeping up with them everywhere about the collection. Wish I did purchase something but hey, maybe one day I can own something from the Brand. Florals are my weak site of fashion it's defo my go-to vibe
2. Jimmy Choo, now this collection was done by Tamara Mellon but it was still jimmy Choo and I literally remember travel back home to Manchester from Uni in Leicester,  stayin at my Cousins house waking up at silly o’vlock and walking through town (ghost town) and quing up and talking to some very fashion forward  fashion loves - I copped 2 shoes I still own and wear - I tag them all the time on my insta they just fit perfect and still go with Trends of today (or I just make them lol)

3. Lavin 2010 .. I'm a sucker for florals, tulle, and ruffles the whole collect was made for me (in my head obviously me and Lavin and not CO’ds) but the collection was one I also loved.

4. Balmain, this collection was everywhere and on every celebrity and as we all know Kim Kardashian and Olivier Rousteing and Great Friends so the whole Kardashian/Jenner Clan was seen in the collection, proving for it to sell out before it even came out, the detailing on the dresses, tops, bags EVERYTHING in the collection was 10/10 now as much as I wanted to cop something from the collection- motherhood calls,it was the year I was attending School Openings and I had 3 that day. I missed out, but about 1wk later I remember going to the Bullring HM in Birmingham and seeing quite a lot of Balmain x HM items still in there shocked and fully gassed up I picked you lots of things to try on. I ended up with 2 bandeau tops, a dress, and a Ring and I was overly happy I got to get something regardless of missing it on the day. I did get told that people were returning the items so they were coming in and out over the coming days, I remember going back in a few hours later and everything had gone, although I did tell a few girls in other shops that were asking what was in my bag lol. Fleeky and Sneaky with Balmain

5. Alexandra Wang - I HAVE NO WORDS - this collection was street, sexy and fly to F@!k. SHIT YOU NOT, I wanted in - and missed out, even Rihanna was caught wearing these pieces and she looked every inch want I wanted it to look like on me lol. I do know a few friends from Manchester and Birmingham that got to get something from the collection and I actually DISLIKE them for it aha not a personal dislike just a fashion one lol.

FAST Future FORWARD TO 8th NOVEMBER 2018 and I'm here again, planing an executing my next HM collab purchase. It seems to be first spotted at Beychella, I mean Coachella 2018 where they had their announcement of the Collaboration for HM and Moschino party and then THE Gram aka Instagram went crazy mad with the news with Twitter doing the same thing, I might even travel for far for this one, I wonder if my sister wants to still go on that sister weekender for her bday ?! Anyway’s  time to start planning im hoping I get to see some more sneak peaks of the collection so I know what I want, its been spotted on already on a few well know celebrities, either way, i want colour and sporty outdoor wear aha IM HERE FOR ALL OF IT .. but I will defo keep you posted on all of this.

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Release Date is 8th November 2018 and only available in limited hm stores

* but il try my best to keep you posted on this one

Will you be picking up anything up and what collaboration did you like or didn't, purchase you made or maybe wished you didn't and are you even here for the High Street/designer Collaborations?

Really wanna hear what people are thinking about this, leave a comment below so I can see what you think?

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