Styling x TOBI.. goodbye to The Beast of the East

Tuesday, 20 March 2018

 So I recently decided to Purchase some Tops and wanted to Tick off one of the Instagram shops on my List- Yes I have a list of shops I want to try because I'm sad like that- DON'T SHOOT ME OK. Tobi was defiantly one of the shops I wanted to try to be honest, I don't know why it took me so long aha. And this probably won't be the last time you see items from Tobi on my Blog, Unfortunately everytime I wanted to get my OOTD game on it snowed not just snow - we got hit with -8 degree's temperatures, Snow Storms and Ice rain - like SERIOUSLY ICE RAIN something I can actually say I felt and witnessed in my Lifetime, to top it all of my whole household crumbled, pipes bursting (or just frozen solid, my internet playing up everything that could have happened happened just with frostbite temperatures, all the pictures where taken for inspo to go alongside the actually outfit.

Hey lovelies you can check out TOBI website (here) they currently have 50% off there at the moment (site-wide- ENDS SOON use CODE: SPRINGAF) and 75% on their markdowns so grab yourself some summer bargains, also I know if your anything like me you'll get inspiration from Instagram so here is their Instagram aha. Enjoy 

Outfit 1

I love this Bodysuit, it's ribbed, fits 
AMAZINGLY and ‘Oh hello to the Party going at the back’ I love this bodysuit. And them random Topshop purchased shoes I found in the sale last year .

Outfit 2 

As much as I love this Bodysuit it is absolutely to Big for me, I'm just going to have to get it altered to fit right. There is nothing worst than a great top that doesn't fit, so I've styled because I'm in my feelings and want it to look just how I played out in my mind lol, I can't help it I had more hopes for this than the other one- PEAK lol. But WHEN I do get it altered and the snow decides its had enough of Birmingham I'm so wearing it like this but I'm loving the outfit combo!

Outfit 3

This .. I have no words, just pass me my Passport and let's Go aha, Seriously in love with this little cotton crop, and it goes so well with my flared Zara jeans which I have been dying to wear but didn't have anything that I liked that would compliment them.

Wanna Shop these Items


Bodysuit Outfit 1 here
Bodysuit  Outfit 2  here
Cropped Top Outfit 3 here

Bumbag here
Topshop Jeans here
Converse here
Necklace here

Topshop wedges - not available but try eBay if interested 'Waltz by Topshop'


  1. Great post! I love style. Think the pink bodysuit is my favourite 😊

    1. Aha, thank you Tasha, glad you enjoyed it X