February! Ugh Finally

Friday, 2 February 2018

.. how is it that January left me feeling like Im done with 2018?! Now lets get this Year Started for crying out loud 

Did you all  that meme on the gran, the one that said ‘ it Literally feels like January 74th’ I wanted to post this everyday after week 1 of January this year lol, seriously like has January aways been this long or is it just because im getting older?! It also didnt help with the fact I became a “tooth fairy” that itself killed my whole childhood memories of believing in the tooth fairy, the one piece of believing I had left from my childhood was the TOOTH FAIRY and now I know their  not real.. I dont even believe I had a childhood or was I even a child?! Shit I’m confused (dad I kind of blame you for this - why lie dad WHY ME)  it was very bitter sweet and fun being a Tooth fairy though. Anyways what will February bring for all things Fashion from the Fashion Jungle .. im thinking alot of DIY’s, unfinished books and Pink. Dont worry thats just my life not yours - HAPPY NEW YEAR to those that start their New Year in February like myself.

things I want to happen:

Can you believe im going to list things I will make happen this month (talk about telling people your business and being judge for not doing it - setting high goals for the judgemental here) So  In no particular order - Let Go!

Complete January’s Things - Yeap imagine complaining about January being long and not completing all my things I wanted to do! Ugh (judge me NOWWWW aha)
Blog thoughout February- Wow what am I doing to myself
Customise at least 3 Trainers 
Where more Colour 
Book my driving lessons - lets not go there ok? Thanks 
Keep to a schedule 
Find a White Creme Egg -jokes this is just boredom banter 
Be less - ‘i’ll do it later’ and more ‘i’ve finished that’ 
Buy a new Book - READ IT then Instagram it lol
Complete last months book
Keep looking for a House - I will move this year I SOOO WILL!

So with that said
See you here Sunday lol Peace!

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