Bum Bags, Fanny Packs... the belt bag

Saturday, 10 February 2018

So Spring is springing.. somewhere, not where I am but somewhere there is someone out there other than on social media looking hella fleek in there scandi S/S 18 outfit with this year's major bag accessory that once again has popped up in a few fashion week pictures. So we have   'The Fanny Pack'  if your old and have no reason to view why and how awkward that sounds to kids nowadays because it does, like Mate! it even sounds awkward to me and I'm in my 30’s with children, then you have 'The Bum Bag' which I don't have a problem saying because Bitch I'm 80’s! but if you're really struggling a 'Belt Bag' is fine. 
I am seriously so glad this vibe is back, I have literally ordered 3 bum bags and hoping I can get my hand on a Gucci Marmot bum bag or just going really old school and getting the OG bum bag, you know the one I mean the faux/ real leather ones with the 2 zips, hopefully I can get some pics of me rocking the ones I’ve purchased SOON! I do know these aren’t new and have been around for the last 2yrs (I’ve been sleeping on these bad boys) but IM WOKE and I'm here to slay with these in hand.

I did see 3 in my local Primark in Birmingham and I did like them but I wasn't sure if they were the ones I wanted.. so they got left on the rail - will I regret this WHO KNOWS lol.

All above pictures from Instagram and Pinterest 

Birmingham Primark

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