Day 16/17: Sports Luxe ' The Puffer Jacket '

Wednesday, 17 January 2018

...Before we get into this I have had this Post lurking in my drafts since the 15th January, seriously I take one little break whilst packing and its the 17 seriously thou, anyways Hello and welcome back it's me all High on coffee!

Dear Zara / ZARA TRF

 Please, can you consider doing a Petites sections? I will help with the project to get a petite section's going, just let me know where to email my CV.

All petite ZARA fans especially me 

So it was a Fail for me but, hopefully you will all like it, because I am 5ft 3 I fall into the Children's range (sometimes, I'm lying all the time), I'm always twining with my 5yr old daughter. Now Zara has this new 'what size am I?' link where you can enter all your detail's like your weight and height for it to tell you your Zara size, so I tried it knowing that It would never happen because Zara still fail's (sometimes) with their non-petite' section, and as predicted this jacket was way out of my Height range, urgh!. But hey the children's section is just #Petitegoals anyways at a fraction of the price (i'll link them below) I have 2 coats that took over my Instagram - here, last year and still wearing them as it's still winter and they both fit with everything in my wardrobe and do me greatly, shit you not I love them Anyway's So this Blue Puffer Jacket

Oh yeah It's 2018 January Friendly Price.. you can thank me later - here

...this random Faux Fur Cap (had to get a feature)

So, this came in 3 other colours as well.
But for some reason I thought this Pink one stood out to me a bit more I'm in 2 minds and its still in my basket but I'll keep you posted, also a very January Friendly Price - here 


Mango leather cropped puffa jacket

Urgh! this Jacket is Everything to me right now, maybe I can do a cheeky purchase and accidentally on purpose Purchase it and make out like It must have happened whilst packing... Its Orange and Its a Cropped Puffa its screaming everything OUTFIT GOALS to me !

White Cropped Mango Puffa

Can I just Stop with these Cropped Puffa's?!  This white one from Mango, it might not stay as white but I really don't care it will Soo give my outfits the Hype they need especially if my face isn't picture worthy.

Puma x Fenty

And here's one I'm not about to exactly run out and purchase at the moment. But it's getting featured on Fashion Jungle because if I could I Soooo Would! - here


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