Day 11 of 365 : The Gold Coin Necklaces

Thursday, 11 January 2018

Hey, So im gonna start as I always start with a rant, because hey it wouldn’t be a Fashion jungle Post without one aha.

Where and What is going on with the blogger app?! I have spent so much money creating this blog page and am now contemplating to move to Wordpress as I'm not having nothing holding my lifestyle, Fashion and my diary entries back because of this. Now Moving on.

Gold Medallions or the Coin Necklace ... why are they back, where to buy them and how are we styling these. Well we have seen these everywhere and yes it seems to be becoming a Trend that not just bloggers are claiming. I'm not going to lie but I'm a big fan of EJ Styles a blogger who over the last few months has been vlogging on Youtube and you all need to check her out SERIOUSLY the banter her and her husband have will have you up in stitches: side note - me and my daughter watch her vlogs especially when she has her dogs in them, secretly I think my daughter wants a dog and this is her subtle hint every Sunday Morning lol. Anyways Emma will do a  walkthrough of her outfit of the day by holding her camera into a large mirror in her living room and talk you through everything she is wearing and will leave links in the description bar of where to shop for them... but what I always notice is a gold Medallion necklace and I have fallen in love with it ever since, like shit I need this lol, it sets of every outfit with giving it a classy vibe but also an everyday street vibe. It's a Must-Have Accessory I definitely needed to make my Basic Bih  ootd pop. But hers wasn't one I could just purchase right then or now (currently moving so money is tied up in Home Life ‘notepad No.3 lol- my sad life) hers was From Cinco -  here
There is 3 I really do want,  That are actually in my bullet journal and it’s by brand  Alighieri and they all link under  Where to buy them .

Where to buy them 

So as stated about i mentioned I had 3 I had on my wishlist in my Bullet Journal on a page titled ‘I Made It List’ - what??  did you forget how much of a saddo I  am, listing all the things I would like to buy myself once I make it .. so these are the 3 currently scribbled down in my Diary:

The Forgotten Necklace - here
The Fractured Cloud - here
And  The Other Side of the World here

 Aha  WAIT! WOWWWW  if these Names don't sum up my pain and happiness at the same time I don't know what does AND I love them lol

Now these, for me last year were very hard to find, to the point I got my first one in HM sale on the 23rd December, it came with a velvet chocker ... where that chocker is now prop in my daughter's dolly box as she knows when I leave things not on my dresser its prop something she can play with as I don't really want it but don't want to throw it away, anyways, anyways back to the point. This Medallion was great and it didn't fail me one bit, made my glittery blue h&ms jumper pop a little more and my faux mohair bright orange knitted sweater become a little more expensive looking. Like I said Mate! This was definitely a must-have accessory for me.

Unfortunately I haven't seen one to tag in this post (mine is pictured). But Tuesday 9th January 2018 I went to collect some boots I had purchased from Topshop (check my instagram @camilleshaer) and whilst walking to the Till (as you do) you pass all the accessories, now lets face it they are purposely put there for us to spend more lol, and this time I was Thankful the Accessories stalls where placed there - because I FOUND THEM, cheerfully priced and just what I was looking for, well until I can get my hands on a cinco marie necklace,  (unfortunately the one I purchased does seem to be online but and to make things worst it came as 3 chains I just removed the 3rd one as I didnt want that look - i will add it to my insta stories so you can see it more in detail) but here is a similar one - here
 There are also some from Monica Vinder like -here and I'll link the page as they have didn't colours and prices but you could be waiting up to 6-8 on some of the more popular ones - Here

How I'm currently styling them:
 Lol .. and the answer obviously with a slogan T-shirt, Jeans and boots. Like hello it's not a uniform if it's not worn every SINGLE DAY lol.

T-shirt - boohoo (2017
Jeans -River Island via Asos (2017)
Boots - Here
Ip7 case - customised via Casetify

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