Slaymas with Missus Claus: & Other Stories Christmas Wishlist

Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Slaymas with Missus Claus: Christmas Wishlist

Slaymas with Missus Claus: Christmas Wishlist by camilleshaer featuring a pink sweater

Don’t you hate that? You know that disappointed you get when you have a great idea for a blog post, click on your blogger app and then can’t use it because the app needs to be updated by the creator.. then you get transformed out your of idea headspace into thinking ‘why hasn’t this been done already’ to find yourself forgetting your great idea and worrying about somebody else's problem #humpday. Anyways I feel like I haven't actually done a lot of writing my thoughts on here and decided I want to and the best way to do that is to ACTUALLY JUST PISSING DO IT! 

Im so into Christmas this year, finacially im not there lol. So i'm going to get Very Christmassy on here and tell you all the lovely things I would like to gift and get myself for this festive period IT’sss SLAYMAS WITH missus Claus’s because lets face it - Santa Claus is over Hyped so me and Missus Claus are going to turn up and be get Litmas this christmas (all shit puns and made up words intended- ' Dad I promise to read more, so made up words will become real life words) 'IMMM TRYINGGG' - WAIT before I start... im now thinkin back to the Blogger App and thinking maybe its time to switch to Wordpress?! (see what I mean iv digressed because of someone elses issue FFS) but yeah back to Slaymas with me and Missus Claus.. first up is my & Other Stories wishlist. Why? Because I absolutely am in love with their pieces yet i still own nothing, I have a few empty hangers (well to be honest there empty because I've just got them from IKEA)WAIT HOLD UP! The desktop is not working properly on my fone.. have to go to my actual desktop brb (hope I don't forget what I'm saying Boooo you whore! 

I'M back.. so where was I?... yeah my & Other Stories Wishlist. I defiantly need to own a knit wear piece, I live for knitwear and Winter wear.. hope you gets get some inspo from this, enjoy guys 

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