Wednesday, 20 September 2017


DID-YOU-WATCH-THE SHOW??? Topshop take my coins Here Here and Here just take it allI'mm not mad at you

 Hello Bupa how much do you want for my kidney? I have things to buy lol

. Seriously me and my sister was literally snapping each other with all the things we loved and wanted to get whilst  patiently waiting to shop the collect at the end. although  she has  more of a heads up than me as she works at the Manchester Topshop, so she buys what she wants then lets me know about a week later when its ALL SOLD OUT! The shade she throws is real guys ' I know, I know' not the best sister in the world, but until The Mother actually tells her she WAS left on the door step by Aliens from  planet PISS OFF, this is what I have to deal with.
Anyways back to my wishlist. I have come to terms with the fact I love satin, textured or pattern prints in the colour Pastel pink/ Rose and Copper with gold accessories. And Im so excited that these colours have been seen though out LFW17 - and Topshop did me proud #britsdoitright. So below is  my Currently Crushing Top LFW,17  Wishlist :



Shop The Collection here

What seriously do you think I would have just left you there,
So Topshop Lovers or anyone that shops there or not can get  their own Personalised Topshop finale Tshirt (seriously though I do know this was in their denim collection, and huh HELLO WHO LOVES DENIM ME, I- love- Denim lol) *throwing virtual coins in the air*

You can get their Finale Tshirt by Visting the Oxford Street Topshop from Monday 18th- Sunday24th priced at £20. I will be there this Thursday or Friday getting mine (fingers crossed)

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