September the best month to make or refresh Goals and Plans

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Seriously the pic of my wardrobe above is DEFINITELY NOT GOALS. To be honest, I don't even know why I thought that would be a good picture to use for this post because it's fucking not - it's disturbing - I may remove it and put a picture of some flowers on a table with lots of fashion, art and kids magazines? Only that also wouldn't work because I don't own a coffee table URGH.

So why is September the best month to set new Achievements, Tasks or Goals I have always classed September as a short movie of whats to come, it's from this Month on that leaves a stamp on a good year.  I'm so down for A/W. I'm an October baby and let's face it there is more going on in Autumn and Winter than Summer *throws glitters and satin dresses in the air* aha! Then I remember watching The Septemeber issue with Andrè Leon Talley, Mario Testino and obviously Anna Wintore herself and then this line that dominated the Who documentary for me, Candy Pratts Price ' September is the January of fashion' once again not only am i in my own little bubble of accepting that statement I also fully understand this, New Season New school year, more Layers more drama (art/fashion/history I mean) Autumn is like a New year - which also brings me to think why the HELL do we celebrate New Years in Flipping January (it's the worst month of the year, seriously I don't even care if your birthday is in January- I've never had an amazing January EVR its just so Urghhh SHIT!  and that's final thoughts it )

Setting a goal for me.. is about the process and what I'm going to learn from it by doing it, I am too old to waste time- I have literally got to that stage in life where I understand what 'time management' is believed me my eldest is 5 and I feel great when I get though the day just doing 1 things of my 10 million things to do - its no joke with parenting it's a 'HAVE TO' of things to complete. Before becoming a mother my list would get done but not when I said I would do it, university didn't even install that into me. my deadline would be Tuesday.. id be up Monday Night and try and accomplish an idea that would need at least 2 weeks to do - it got done because I had to do it in the end but I could have planned it better though the 4/6wks given and done better and felt better

So setting Goals now is more for what I want in life, Change, the feel good shit, a clean head before fucking bed lol. So with that said here's this months Goals MY GOALS

The List

Complete a new book
At least upload  2 youtube videos up
Read at least 5/7 bedtime stories
Make plans and stick to them (iv become such a sloppy friend - sorry guys)
Pass my Driving (yes you read it right, like seriously what is my life right now)
Start working out - seriously this is a must I can't keep thinking 'if only'  anymore whilst looking in the mirror  and then not even looking at myself but the body I imagine I have - MATE its PEAK lol
DRESS UP whenever I want to and have no excuse - bitch this be my life aha!
Travel more -everywhere and anywhere mini people in tow (well except for my Amsterdam adventure )
Plan Going to the Burning Man 2018 - (this is also a hint to the sis)
But the main thing I want to really do is find me again - it's defo gonna take longer than 30 days but what better month to start it in than September.

... now that of my chest, maybe my sleep won't evade me - I'm out xoxo

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