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Saturday, 2 September 2017

So I have had a bath bomb in a basket in the bathroom for the absolute longest time ever, the kids were always asking me when was i gonna use it and can they make one and can they use it- it was peak as I did want it but didn't know when I'd actually be using it and they wanted to make one and I just thought, forget it! They've been on and on about it for too long now GIVE IT THEM! Yeap you read right I gave away my beautiful bath bomb because my children wanted it, I 'm also not apologizing for it tbh they enjoyed it way more than I would have. My bath times have gone from 45min-1hr to 15mins- 20mins the most, since having children that saved bath bomb would have done more use to the drain than myself, the children, on the other hand, well let's just say they slept well and was with very pruned hands and feet pmsl.

After that I promised them we would get some more and they didn't forget the next day we went Think Tank and as much as they enjoyed it there, in fact, we all did, their brain was fully stuck on getting Bath Bombs from Lush, unfortunately we couldn't get them that day so we when Sunday afternoon LITERALLY 1hr 30mins before the shops were closing (best time ever when it comes to the bullring tbh).

This is what we got, 4 bath bombs randomly chosen by themselves. This time was a flick of a coin which ended up being Cairo's choice and he Chose :

The ' Rocket Science Bath Bomb'

When you can see Bathtimes becoming more expensive than usual (SHIT! I've basically started something I feel I'm gonna have to budget lol) bath time will now be a toss of a coin to see who can use their bath bomb (like it isn't tough enough already - currently have 1 Sharkboy and 1 mermaid trying to swim in the bath as it is) oh and the magic of the colours swirling around the bath changing the colour of the water whilst being offered cups of pretend tea .. or in Kiryahs case magic potions lol (she's now a merwitch - I give up with that child). Then before you know it, the bathroom is silent - that my friend is my cue to get them out (if you're a parent you will know that silence isn't just silenced lol.

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