My Top 5 A/W17 Fashion Transitioning Pieces

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

So we all know I'm no big fan of summer, I actually don't even like buying too much Summer wear clothing unless it's Jeans - listen a girl can never have too many denim jeans especially if you live in them, let's not get this shit twisted I-LIVE-IN-DENIM SIMPLES lol. So now that the English weather is playing peak-a-boo AGAIN! Let's start with my Top 5 transition A/W pieces. 

Firstly this is not a go out and spend money you already own half this shit, just go to your wardrobe and pull these pieces.

1. Jeans

 A good pair of everyday Jeans, lol what was you actually expecting me to say. But seriously a nice semi dark/light pair before you go  #allblackeverything  these can be teamed with a Biker jacket or bomber lets face it everyone has a bomber in their wardrobe a nice t-shirt ( neutral colours for a polished look or slogan/coloured one to scream your craziness without actually saying a word lol heels and a good structured bag. 

2. The Ankle Boot

Ankle Boots, you can even sneak a peek at some toes obvs depending on the weather - cold toes and wet toes are - No! just No. Let's face it I feel like ankle boots are an all round season item and I also find that in the summer boots are always on sale and reasonably priced like SERIOUSLY REASONABLY PRICED! 

3. The  Super Stable Cable Knit

An Oversized Jumper/Cable Knit Mans jumper - this just speaks for itself it's an outfit all on its own. Messy Bun,  Wavey hair, ankle boots a nicely placed jacket over the shoulders BAM!   'Slay on Hunty'.

4. Jackets

Now there's a few that come to mine, the Oversized denim jacket, A shearling Jacket, the Classic Bomber, The all-round Trench (perfect in my eyes) and last but not least the oversized blazer, them big brass polished buttons or suttle for the suttle life people.

5. Thicker T-shirts/Tops

Them Basic Tshirts As mentioned in Tip 1, just a little bit thicker especially if you get cold like I do or just pop a vest underneath - see I can save you money bih lol

Pictures used by @goodobjects  early 

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