Instagram : Fashion, Branding, Tips and Tricks Part 1

Friday, 4 August 2017

Seriously, I shit you not! I am an Instagram Shopper, I tried so hard to not become this Insta Stories stalker but NOW I have even become semi addicted to the Insta stories as you can now shop the links - My eyes hate me and my bank account seriously would love to fucking disown me but that shit gets paid to store my money aha,  as for Snapchat (sorry Snap) but you are defo my go to for filters   (Instagram filters are not quite there yet- for me anyway)  

The only thing I don't like INSTAGRAM (me trying to be DIRECT to just Instagram) is the fact you have to be a verified Insta Mogal or have a serious amount of followers.. which I get obvious reasons,  the brand will get seen more and the new season item will be trending or a best seller.. but on the other hand the palm I fit in what about the other masses of items that are also 'new in' or just on the site or in-store anyway Instagram lol, what I'm saying is at least give us that option at least from time to time. 

* Please look down on us trying people Instagram and give ME (and others, although don't look down on the others) For Fuck Sake this was suppose to be short Basically Allow me my ' Swipe Up to Buy Chance' -  Thanks in Advance :)

FIRSTLY I have to state: I AM NO 100k Instagramer I don't think I Even make the scrapings of the bottom of the Barrel lol But which lots of Hope and Hustle and less 'follow to follow' accounts I'll get there, maybe we can do this together Tweet me if you're looking to try this here .

So yeah, this is going to be a low down on what I am going to do to create my Brand/Fashion Profile as I'm really not taking it seriously and I want to here goes.

1.  The Profile: Seriously I actually don't like writing these things, like ' who I am or what I do' but that must be the old skool in me as it's all the range to Billy Big Balls nowadays, and to be fucking honest with you I'm up for it.

So what exactly do You say when your Introducing yourself to your new Art/Fashion/Business (fuck sake I could have made that similar) AUDIENCE  So let's start with what your niche market.
Are you :
A Fashion Blogger
Lifestyle Blogger
UK Blogger
An Instagram Influencer
A Brand/ Influencer
A Vlogger
A Clothing, Accessories or A Footwear Brand (goals). Keep it Short, Sweet and Noticeable, people actually want to know this about you. Also throw in some of your personality (obviously in this case I have none whatsoever) 

So this screenshot is to show you something I recently found out how to do : 

Creating Spaces on your Bio:
Now to other's this isn't new, but I have always wanted to know how to do this. I came across this at silly o'clock in the morning a few days ago and basically, Instagram has put in ' Parameters ' (basically in this case it has removed your spacing/ return key). 

Heres how to make it look like mine

▲▲▲▲▲▲▲   Copy and Paste this diagram :

 I opened up Notes on my phone and copied it into there removing the arrows obviously lol - that's not trendy at all. And in the middle of the spaces ' |        | ' I edited my Bio. 

In this case I have deceived to use a Colour and as you can see its Pink. I was always trying to put this colour into my pictures but I would end up spending money on things I didn't want or like just for the colour. Stupid shit really, as I then decided to use Pinterest and find what I wanted to find keeping my ' OOTD/OOTN and Selfies for my fashion Inspiration. I also bought 2 books last year back by 2 of my favourite Fashion/Illustrator Bloggers:
Capturing Your Style by Aimee Songs
Love Style Life by Garance Doré

My all time Fav Blogger is Margaret Zhang - Shinebythree (the profile to the left with the floral boots in)
Remember your themes can be anything from:
Fashion Prints
Sea Life

So Last 1 For this Post is HASHTAGING the Shit out of your Post!

 Seriously this can take at least an extra 6mins if you haven't saved your hashtags believe me the last thing you want to be doing is adding your favourite hashtag to your pic. So to save time just copy and paste your favourite's to the Notes section in your phone,  I also had a look over on Instagrams blog to see what their trending Hashtags were im telling you I am fully serious about blogging and keeping a fashion/footwear/art profile. The top ones were :

1. #Goodmoring
3. #Goodnight
5.#Bomdia - which means hello in Portuguese (if that shit ruffles your knickers then go for it lol)
6.# Happy Birthday ( It was Instagram's Bday on the 2nd of August)
7.# TBT (throw back Thursday for all you oldies like my Dad lol)
10. #Relax
My best hashtags are #ootd #fashionblogger #instamood #style #streetstyle

But don't throw Hashtags around like 1 dollar bills in an Atlantic Stripper Joint, make them relatable to your post.

Creating Spacing for Hashtags further down from your pic

 Now I like to Separate my comments from my hashtags as I currently have a few relatable favourite's

So to create these little black dots its piss easy guys: when writing in the caption area (also I'm doing this with an iPhone so it may be different on any other phone) after you have finished your picture caption press the 'RETURN' key - Click on the Number symbols Key '123' - click on the Symbols Key ' #+= ' and over to your right just above the delete button (the pic of the arrow) is a black dot. Continue to do this method up to about 6/7 times depending on how far down you want your Hashtags to go then COPY & PASTE them into your Notes App so don't always have to repeat this method when Post Pictures, fairly simple and easy to do.

Seriously Hope theses Tips are helpful for you and let me know what tips you have for me if any.
Think I'm going the do ' Editing Pictures', ' Taking Pictures ' and Using a ' Posting Schedule ' in my next post, so stick around for that also if ya want follow me @camilleshaer here .
So, yeah thats that lol
Peace Beauts x


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