Trend Stop: Sunglasses from Tiger

Tuesday, 30 May 2017

So I only popped into Birmingham City Centre to find a nice Birthday Outfit for my sons Birthday BBQ which I semi did get there, but Still missing a requested Biker Top and Vans, not any Vans Sneakers ' auntie Nifa's ones mummy' Cheers sis, On that note a took a detour to find Visor Sunhats I bought them Last year from Tiger. Let me just give you some Camille Inform on What?  Who and Is Tiger.
Lol Tiger also Known as FlyingTiger (here) is basically (remember these are my words not theirs aha) like Rainbow of everything to do with Arts, Crafts, Outdoors Toys, Homewear, Graden Furniture EVERYTHING lol it's a fricken Ikea playground for everything,  I shit you not this shop has everything for everything , so yes I found the Visor hats for them and only a £1 (here) and then ended up strolling around as you do picking up everything this shop has to offer and not what you had initially come for, but hey this happens, I'm not the only one that does this, I know you relate to me here , don't play me lol and then up pops a racks on racks of sunglasses all £4 YES £4 and they are all pretty perfect. Below I decided to get 2 pairs (for now anyways) and they have been an Instagram hit (here)

Clearly the ' Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder ' sunnies are my current fav's

What I'm Wearing : 

Zara Bardot white Top (last year purchase but a few here )

Zara Skinny Distressed Jeans

Primark Faux Fur Sliders £6

F21 .. Cross Chain £3.50

*The Children's Visor's you will find here *


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