How to: Distressed A T-shirt

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

..Now quick disclaimer, I BUY ALL MY OWN SHIT. The end. aha

So moving on with this post, I'm basically going on a mad one this year, like bwoy is it hard to not spend money on clothing at least once a week. My addiction is BADDDD, but as this year is about  "MORE ADULTING" (sometimes I don't even know why I even bother blogging anymore UGHH) and making my home, life and lifestyle improvements which will be posted on this blog for a while as I really don't like to not post because it isn't fashion related, but don't worry I will have lots of How-To's and DIY's and maybe even some designer shoes . Anyways I decided to put myself on budget with my obsessive footwear and clothes online once a week shopping (Royal Mail is going to miss me SOOOO MUCH lol, and just declutter mine and the children's wardrobes but with that said I have also decided to shop cheap. What that means is get what I like from high street, online cheap sites or Instagram shops and DIY them to how I want them to look. I'm also doing a #denimaddict pic a day over on my Instagram just for the remainder of the month here

So now I have semi-introduced my new plans for this year I'll get straight to it. Now we have seen distressed t-shirts on EVERYONE lol this is not new but doing it yourself could be from Bloggers to Celebrities, Rappers, Music artist and reality Tv stars (and yes in my case mainly TOWIE, LHHALT and KUWTK) so this How-To is defiantly on the cards. So let's get to it.

What you will Need:

  • Scissors (any standard scissors mine are from ikea.. but that doesn;t mean yours have to be).
  • T-shirt - Primark or any t-shirt you have at hand.
  • A razor (I think the cheaper the better tbh)
  •  A Piece of Cardboard or a rollered up magazine (to put under the top whilst your distressing it)
There are different ways to do this you can also you Sandpaper, Cheese grater or Pumice Stone each give a different look to your T-shirt.

1. take your cardboard and make it into a triangular shape or your magazine and roll it. I used cardboard as have more than enough boxes (Zara COUGH boxes). After this I took a Bic razor (as seen in pic 2)  and began to drag the razor down the material to create what mini holes. Repeat this method on the top until you get the desired look you want. I created more holes on the left bottom side & middle of the top, right sleeve and back of the top, just to give it a continuous look thoughout.

 2. Remove the cardboard and but the cardboard and razor in a safe place (its the easter holidays and the mini me's are running in and out the room- SO TAKE CARE). Take your scissors and bring to make a slight cut under the collar of your top, after this begin to tear at the top to the effcet you want.

TIP: you can continue The scissor method on other areas of your t-shirt, I just chose to keep it around the collar for now.

T-shirt £8 Primark 

Choker 3pack £3 Primark

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