How to: Distress & Bleach your Denim Jacket #deminedit LAISSEZ FAIRE

Sunday, 23 April 2017

Well if your on my snap you may have seen the 1001 pictures of me in this (also followed by me dancing around my room to Nicki & Gucci mane aha) I will insert photos of me that I took, no videos though the great thing about snapchat is they orb into "space" after 24hrs or in my case midnight lol.

So let's get to it, I have had this Denim Jacket since uni think it was like 2/3rd year and it was on sale for like £10 in Mango although I was never interested in the colour I did need a denim jacket that week for a night out ( I left my Levi's twisted jacket back home- I remember this day so clearly - was so Pissy that day lol) Fast Forward to 2017 and I have finally decided to revamp it, please believe this is Part 1.1 I'm going to custom the shit out of this jacket, embroidery, Botanical Prints, Letterman Initials Metallic Pinks and Oranges. Listen this denim jacket is going on a journey for a few months and you are all welcome to come crash the project and create yours with me LAISSEZ FAIRE

What you'll Need:
* Denim Jacket (obvs.. like wtf aha)
* Any cheap household bleach
* Sandpaper, Cheese grater and scissors
* 1 Fuck It Bucket
* Washing gloves  
* Something Heavy to keep your denim submerged in the bucket 

Short Story : I used some Scaffolding things can't remember what J said there called wasn't too interested at the time Completely forgot about them until it was too late and had my hand in a bucket of bleached water Urgh!

Step 1. 

Distressing your Denim: so I started off using some basic Pinterest tips and yes this process is long and the killer is I will be doing more of it along the way aha (FML). Start by looking at ideas of where you want your tears, rips or pulled denim (remember Pinterest & Tumblr are your best friends for this lol, after this lay your jacket out and begin using with you sand paper to get a rough worn look, do is by rubbing the sandpaper in a circle or back and forward motion (see pic 2 for idea of what you will get). After awhile I went back and Forward with a cheese grater and sand paper

*side note - get sandpaper that is more rough on the surface, I used sandpaper from J's Sander - won't be doing that again - Long ain't the word.

Step 2

once you have sanded, sliced, diced or just torn the shit out your denim jacket, take it to an area inside or out where you will not bleach anything other than the Jacket - Also old clothes are needed or an apron choice is yours basically. Boil the kettle and also use some cold water, basically you want hot but not boiling water you many need to use your noggins at this point as it depends on how big your 'Fuck It Bucket' is and fill it just over half way and whilst the denim jacket is in it.. begin to pour bleach to however light you want it... leave and check on it ever 20-30mins ( remember to put your weights on top of it so your jacket is fully submerged. I left mine to soak for 1-2hours.

Step 3.

Once you have got your desired colour throw it into the washing machine and have in on a good wash to get rid of the bleach smell, also depending on how powerful your washing machine is, do this at least twice - DON'T FORGET YOUR WASHING TABLETS/POWER OR LIQUID whatever it is you use (thought it was best to say this before some Bright Spark tells me I didn't state it ' HELLO NODDY')

Step 4 

Oversize T-shirt PRIMARK £6

ZAPP BAG - SKINNY DIP (2yrs old thou beauts)

Distressed Jacket-  Myself aha

Phone case - Casetify

Earrings- River Island (over 5yrs old) sorry again 
*I have seen some others floating about so if you want I'll do a post on where to get Cross Earrings from - high end to low end? maybe?

FINISHED.. leave to dry and if you want to, continue to distress your Jacket more until it's perfect for you believe me I will be doing more to mine nd if I find any more ways to perfect it dets will be on here or insta . I will be putting up inspiration Post/ Moodboards on my Instagram and blog so flick between to 2 for the follow-up of it.

Peace out Beauts

Music Mood

Drake -PassionFruit

Pink Floyd - Shine on You crazy Diamond

Nicki & Gucci Mane -Make Love

Nicki M, Drake, Lil Wayne - No Frauds

Dj Ez - Boiler Room set via youtube (MY JAMMMM)

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  1. Nice!!! I just love denim. You can play with it and it still looks brand new.