Currently Crushing: Cheap Cheerful Ebay Matte Lipglosses

Saturday, 4 March 2017

So I thought I'd turn my ,Currently Crushing' into a actually blog post theme and only do it on Cheap and Cheerful items mainly Fashion and Make-up. I must admit this lips have had more than a month or so to hit this post.. in other words I have had them since last year, these bad boys have been Tried! Tested and Re-purchased and also currently purchasing more colours.

Below are a few, in total about 6 lip glosses that I purchased a long long while ago on Ebay.

I have:

Holly- evergreen pigment
Red velvet- its a basically a cheaper version of Ruby Roo
Black.. well they wasn't to creative with the name for this one- its just what it say's BLACK 
Denim/paint- A very rich matte blue (i have no idea why they called it paint, so i called it denim aha)
Pumpkin - to die for its the perfect matte red brick colour (reddy orange) perfect for us chocolate ladies x
and finally...

Shroom. Shroom is my go to even if i have nowhere to 'Go To' lol ITS LIFE, its just the perfect soft warm toned nude.

all Lipglosses are here and they are so £1 Yes you read it Write £1

and I have also added my swatch video just below, for you know 'see before you Buy' lol. Hope you enjoy the video xoxo

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