Currently Crushing- ' Cheap and Cheerful' Essences Gel Nail Polishes at Wilko

Thursday, 2 February 2017

So to be fair before I start my January Favourites Post I thought it would be good to share a little Post, call it a mini post as I am basically talking about Nail Varnish from Wilko. I t was a random purchase as I only get my household essentials from there, you know like kitchen towel, smell fragrances, bin bags, or even storage boxes for the endless amount of hot wheel cars and finger bikes my son seems to have all over the living room or for the Barbie outfits and Num Nom lipglosses my daughter seems to have scattered around her bedroom, bare in mind all these kiddie toys have homes or make-up boxes for these things but anyways we'll go there another time lol.

So first has anyone ever bought a nail varnish or polish whatever word you choose to use, from Wilko? And what is your favorite?

Now I did say I would keep this short and sweet. Wilko always have some great products on the go whether they are well known branded products or their own products. I mean at Christmas they had their own scented candles that were teamed with Yankey Candle (and we all know how fabulous a Yankey Candle smells), believe me, my friend who I nicknamed Coco doesn't ever stop raving on about them.
But the Essence brand stocked at Wilko (not sure if it is only stocked there- I'll check) has a huge range of nail polishes and nail care products.. the best part is that these nail polishes, we'll the one I'm talking about is only £1.60. Cheap and cheerful and who doesn't like a product that's affordable and does the job. I do have to say this nail varnish lasted me about 4 days but I was also making hair bows and painting footwear, believe me it was good to last that long lol. What I love about these nail varnishes (here)  are that they are they are so on-trend with this season's colours - Pastels, I so can't wait to wear new in season tone and theses cheap and cheerful polishes are perfect and purse friendly.

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