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Monday, 9 January 2017

So I recently Subscribed to Hello Fashion Magazine, and as in recently I mean October 2016 (recent enough thou) lol and I was gifted in November with the Free Subscription Gift which was the Nip+Fab Kale Fix Soften Set.
I didn't start using it until recently (more than a week, recently aha) and I can honestly say I would love to try more of their other products, maybe I'll pop into my local Superdrug's store and see what they have unstuck. Oh wait let me tell you what I received:

Nip+Fab Kale Fix Soften:
1. Kale Fix Make-Up Removing Pads
2. Kale Fix Clay Mask
3. Kale Fix Moisturiser.

Now before I go any further my skin is a Normal/Dry skin type, which has changed since I have gotten older. Hopefully, with me drinking the daily Water Allowance for Woman it may change...or not. The products I have received have not stated on the boxes they came in that they are for Dry Skin combination, I found this on their actual website here. Just a quick Heads Up on that. So moving on Urghh I love these little subscription freebies.

Kale Fix Soften  Make-Up Removing Cleansing Pads
Kale Fix Make-Up  Cleansing Pads - here

These were the first things I tried when I received them as I do where a bit of Everyday Wake-Up Make-Up on my school/nursery run's its like coffee, but for my face lol. These pads are THE Best, like hello as much as I would love to do a night time routine EVERY SINGLE NIGHT to take the make up and whatever other bacteria that has found it's why to my face, especially as I don't use my hands free for my phone ( i should so start using that- digressing) These beautiful simple smelling cleansing pads are THE BOMB for removing make-up. They are soaked in moisturizer with kale and watercress extracts and they literally make you feel like your washing your face. Although be careful when taking off your liquid lipsticks, I accidently licked my lips a few minutes after I used the pads and had the most unpleasant taste left on my tongue- will never! have never! differently won't be doing that again *WARNING* lol. 

Kale Fix Soften Clay Mask
Heads Up Currently £5.00 here.

Now this Nip+Fab clay Mask already has a buzz about it as a  Jenner/Kardashian reality Tv star going by the name Kylie (like you didn't- already- know) has talked highly about this product and loves to use it after she has traveled. Now yesterday (Saturday 7th Jan) was my first time using this as I didn't want to just give you a half review on the Kale Fix Set, and although I will be using this again let me give you my first impressions on this product. I had/ some reason thought the product inside the tube would have been Black/Grey just like other clay products I have tried before but it wasn't it was more like a medium/thick white consistency, kind of like Nivea Creme (the blue tub one, only with a watery cucumber smell, and yes I know CUCUMBER SMELL?! it just smelt like a Body Shop product my Auntie and Mother use to use when I was younger and 'what do I know anyways'?? I'm not a regular eater of Watercress! and Kale, well I have never really taken the time out to smell it before I ate it?? But as far as I  know, no mention of Cucumber in this product. It went on great and although it says to use a light consistency of the product I always but just a little bit more just depends on how my skin feels at the time tbh, it dried with 10-12mins and it didn't leave my face feeling tight and unable to talk either. I then washed it off with lukewarm water as directed to patted dry. I wasn't like breath-taken back by the result but I did love the feel of my face and the way it kind of looked a little dewy a good 6 out 10 just because my face didn't look or feel dry and it gave a nice dewy finish. I will be using this throughout the month to give you a better review on it.. but hey its £5 go check it out lol.
 insert picture

Kale Fix Soften Moisturiser

Now As with the Clay Mask, this was also the first time I took the chance to use this and I used it about 10mins after the Clay Mask, I did all this again just before I went to bed. It's a bit easier to do things on a weekend night as the children are in bed watching a bit of TV after storytime or they could be just running up and down as they know they have no school or nursery in the morning lol. As for the Moisturiser, it left a great dewy/ wake up look to my face but remember I did this at night time after a long busy mum morning/afternoon of taking them both to their weekend hobbies. I think I need to use it more than a day to at least give you and myself an in-depth review, It does have Almond oil and concentrated Aloe-Vera in it the Almond oil I defiantly smell when I pumped it out- O yeah I should have said this earlier. What I did like about this Moisturizer is the packaging as it had a pump top on it, sorry that was no help was it. Anyways for now I different won't be replacing it for my Nivea creme but I will definitely be trying it again.

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