Goals Achieved 2016 and what Goals/ New Resolutions i want in 2017

Sunday, 1 January 2017

Happy New Year Guys!

Woah 2017 how mad does that sound, basically we out done Back To The Future by 2yrs (bore fact) lol
Hope you all enjoyed yourself regardless of what you decided to do when the clocks struck midnight. I, on the other hand, wasn't Cinderella at the ball/ Party more like Cinders in the house lol. I did plan to go out but then one thing lead to another and, well I didn't go anywhere The End. Second shortest story told after every Fashion lovers nightmare story 'SOLD OUT'. 

So I basically had a whole list of Goals I set myself last New Years and throughout the year I never checked on any of them to be honest, I didn't think I was achieving any of the Goals I had set myself because I didn't stop to look back and go through them. In a way it was a good thing I suppose as I think I would have cheered to earlier (yes I am my own biggest fan) and not staying focused on the rest of the ideas, goals and resolution I had planned for myself. So with that said I am going to list the 8 things I Achieved in 2016 aka My year of Growth.

1. This is so silly but I opened my Instagram last year and I was so unsure about this but hey, how are people other than the ones that know me going to find me and see something that might have missed because I'm not their go-to person for style, fashion finds or lifestyle on Instagram. LISTEN I am all here for New Found friend's believe me, I really am. So with that said I decided I would set myself a small goal of getting 500 followers aka new found friends or bloggers similar to myself - yeah I know compared to other bloggers and fashion lovers they probably get about 500 new followers a day lol, but for me this was a challenge.  I didn't want just my friends to see my post, they know who I am, what I'm like and have also had small or large conversations with me, I suppose I also wanted to meet a few new people as well, people that are into the same sort or like minded things like myself. Whether that be photography, blogging, youtube, lifestyle or the unknown I love to find out new things and learning and opening up is the key - MAJOR KEY ALERT lol.

2. Open up a little. Not a lot just a little. This was the hardest things to do for me, if you know me then you definitely know. I'm not going to go into this too much as I don't think I've built my full confidence level up where I can give you the ' in's and outs's' of this but I definitely feel more at ease within myself and also, put it this way I actually smiled without faking it and it felt bloody amazing.

3. I had a few international customers. So you may or may not know but I customize footwear- trainers to be precise, and I never ever thought in 2016 I would see customers from  half way across the world want items or footwear customized from me, like i'm not a big fashion house or a big footwear brand that is marketing or promoting my brand and work. I used social media like Twitter and Instagram and sometimes even Facebook. Like I did that nobody else, I did that! and that is something that didn't happen over night. think YEARS lol.

4. My First Youtube Video lol. It wasn't the best but I said to myself I'm going to learn how to use all these software's and do it- and I did I posted 3 youtube video's last year here  here and here (lol make that 4 here).

5. Just Do It. Bwoy I stall myself when I want to do things there and then. I also use ' but are mummy's allowed to do things like that' when in actual fact yes- yes we are. I have wanted an undercut since forever. I was going through a few ups and downs the month I decided to get it done and was umming and argh-ing it. I basically went to my appointment I made at Toni and Guy in Birmingham city Centre with my children in tow and shaved the back of my head here. I DID IT and I was so happy to be reacquainted with my spontaneous self. It was nice to meet my former self before motherhood lol.

6. Watching my hard work become something. From brands retagging my work or my purchased items to me putting in the effort into my children's accessories line here All them late nights after the school and nursery runs, cooked dinners chit chats and stories before bed with the mini's ALL PAID OFF! can you see why my smile made me warm and makeup and water make me look more human AMEN .

7. Paid to write a Post- this happened and it was so nice to actually get a paid post. 

8. 100 followers on my FB Accessories page here

Don't get it twisted, just because I have told you all about my UP'S and Achievements I made happen in 2016 that I didn't have any downs. Here I'll list them

1. Not always being the best mummy I could be- (real pain to type and admit let allow share)
2. not being the best Girlfriend.
3. Not passing my driving TEST on my first time (defiantly not like my sister)
4. Not Posting blog post I said to you guys I would
5. Spending money when bills were due to come out because someone hurt my feelings (how stupid though)
This list could go on and on. But these and lots more other things made me achieve my goals and things I had set up for myself. I went out raving 3/4 times last year and I felt guilty doing it because once again 'Can mummy's do these things?!'  YES-YES WE FUCKING CAN. (another short story lol)

so with that said I'm going to do something different I'm going to do it by months along with one 

Major Key Goal :

I'm making 1 Major Key Goal for 2-17 and that is  'To Do' without saying let me try it, maybe I can do it or the famous 'I'll do it tomorrow' lol.

As for Januarys Goals/Resolutions:

1. Read a Book a month
2. Read more books to the children
3. Have at least 3 videos up
4. Post at least 3/4 blog Post
5. Eat Regularly/ Drink more water. 
6. Take/Post more inspiring Pictures 

7. Start driving again - beep beep basically be more active lol. Think this year is the year  I should do a Bullet Journal. 

with that said Happy New Year Guys - love always ALL WAYS x

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