Snapchat- Sneak Peaks of My Recent Fashion Purchases

Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Oh yeah I completely forgot.. follow me on snap for more Fashion, Art, Books, Children's things, my Footwear and Accessories newbie items and Everything really lol. Ohh side note:  I sometimes (All the time) repeat outfits lol.

So if you would like to follow me and see what's new before my Blog post or Youtube videos go and FOLLOW ME aha : Shaerbears

And yes just like my website my snapname is in pair with my hair accessories website, which at the moment new accessories are getting added weekly - bit of self-promotion lol ( lol which at the moment is getting a Christmas makeover along with the house and myself, as its covered in glitter, me looking more like I have bathed in glitter lol - it's the Glitter Tulle that makes the most mess. 

PS.. can Snapchat kindly get working on the whole 'name change' thing please lol. Seriously I want to change my username.

Velvet Cap: H&M 

Studded Biker Jacket: Miss Selfridges (very old)

T-shirt - F21 

Jeans - Zara (similar) 

Trainers - Baleciaga Runners ( Selfridges Birmingham )

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