Hey November... Sorry October. 5 things I want to do more of

Monday, 7 November 2016

Im not even going to lie and say sorry i've been away. Its at them away times that you PAUSE.. re-think and understand how must you appreciate Everything, especially this, my blog. until next time I think I should start my Post with a few things that got me focusing on me, especially as it was my birthday last month and I questioned myself.

So, what 5 things are you going to put into practice YOU (meaning me lol):

I always.. or at least try lol to use my Birthday as my new year, with that said here are 5 things I will definitely be trying to keep in my routine for a change of view just for me though x :

1. Read more books.. remember them things which have now been taken over my social media and search engines.. the life of a phone box, remembering your friends number off by heart and actually using a dictionary to spell check a word or find its meaning, anyways reliving my youth there, but yes read more books, which I have been doing so thats a start.

2. Blog about whatever I want to blog about as this is my platform.. don't worry that only means more creative, fashion, footwear and accessory Post oh and some home decor Post lol.

3. Socialise and Travel more. Imagine that I actually don't socialise as much as I use to, ' away with that spontaneous lifestyle I abused once upon a space time when it was just ME! ME! ME! lol.  I have used Motherhood,  Being self employed (i use self employed loosely) and still not owning a car as my way of turning down Party's or even travelling. LIKE HELLLOOOOOO when did that even stop me before- get the fuck out of here

4.Play really loud music to feel at one with the craziness that lives in me lol.

5. Not be so hard on myself.. I read a post on Instagram the other day and it said ' I can't complain about having a lot on my plate when my goal was to eat'. Only sometimes I take this literally and the only person it effects is myself. I'm a hard worker, and I'm Fucking Brilliant, I just need to step back and realise that every now and again then move on and work harder.

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