The September Issue: The Best Of the Ankle Boots

Thursday, 1 September 2016

The wait is over A/W is upon us - YASSS Bitch YASSS welcome to my world chicks lol. I love this season BOOTS for the love of Boots whether Long, Ankle or Calf, The Oversized, Aran, Cable knit and polo neck jumpers,the great trusty tights, Military coats with beautiful laid lapels and jeans( obviously in my case) oh and this year I'm defo getting my wellies game on - just a little heads up to myself.
*erm quick side note, Snacks and Tea on hand* sorry slightly carried away with this one.
 Just like in the Documentary The September issue we all know them famous words ' September is the January of Fashion' meaning this is the perfect month to get your A game on Fashion Central Right here,lol. First off I'm no trendsetter, nobody hails me up in the street and is in an awe of " " OMG's where did u get your amazingly insane jeans from?" or your amazing bags. LIES, why am I lying to you tho?! I (I know hard to believe right) sometimes get asked now and again where I get my footwear from, where did I buy my jeans or shades from but as you may all know if you follow me on Instagram and twitter I always tell - that wasn't a hint to follow me, but if you want to i'm here and here lol. But my passion doesn't lie with how Trends should be but together or copied from a shop front window (although you can do that), I basically base my whole wardrobe on my love for basics and one off piece's from designer's, collections to 'my mood' lol (I'm a Libra I properly stay balanced at least 2/3times out the year).My love for now and again affordable and Child-friendly fashion and art is high stakes. Like I said Sometimes child friendly lol I'm still Camille just with a mum title now- A mum who's Constantly on the go with 2 little Monsters that drive me round the bend and upside down, 2 small business and a great boyfriend who puts up with more than ANYONE can take (he doesn't read my blog post so he can't see me being nice.. I think aha) so with that said I'm going to hopefully bring you on a real journey of My Fashion, Books, Footwear, Youtube Vids, DIY's and Lifestyle Post throughout September 2016..

 Welcome to My September issue guy's.

Lets starts with my insane crazy love of Footwear: this A/W ankle boots. First just let me tell you how much I have fallen in love with 2 boots both have 2 different price tags: 
1. the Gucci Mid-Heel Ankle Boots said softly whilst drinking my Sainsburys Prosecco then coughing and praying the lord accidently places a small fortune into my Paypal account for the total of all of them in a size 2.5 (just in case you have stumbled across my blog)  and yes unfortunately all the Gucci ankle boots, in every different leather, suede, metallic or plain leather I mean have u even seen the pearl ones above .. Like Oh Helloooo lol.

The September Issue

2. the 'Oh So' affordable and amazingly perfected sculptured Topshop MAXIMUM ankle boots in Black and metallic Gold they also come in burgandy.. 'Come through A/W goals' lol. So here we go Beauts, I have scoured the internet with multiple Taps open to find you all the ankle boots that will go hand in hand with anything you pick up this season. My Top 5(Top 5, Top5 Top 5 obvs channelling Drake) ankle boots. Ciao
The September Issue: Ankle Boots

2nd Side note: I purchased the Emerald Zara Boots Last Night, Secret Shoe Shopper..or not lol.

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