The September Issue: 10 things to Know/How to shop in Zara

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Now it's no shock to You, My friends and Family, my Children and differently my Boyfriend that I love Zara. An avid online shopper and I thought seen as most of my pieces come from Zara I'd give you the low down on How to Shop at Zara. Funny isn't it how I have become an online shopper, I'm sure everyone in Manchester must be thinking I'm lying lol, but I have and I know what happened to my Shopaholic Cardio Status?! To be honest, brutality honest with you and myself I despise carrying bags and with my exceptionally well behaved fashionista minis acting out scenes from Hook and Power Rangers lets just say its less Cardio and more Men's Gym Body Building Workout (except for the odd few stores- Toy Stores)  I'm also loving the fact Garance Dorè loves a good Zara purchase and even wrote about it in her book, she' the Fashion blogger/illustrator and Author of ' Love, Style Life ' a book I am fully in gross with and also a little late to the table reading it - hey I got there that's the main point lol. Which brings me to here: 'Zara Secrets' or not so secret shopping low down and  there funny fitting jeans (or am I the only one that has that problem?! So let's get to it: 

1. When to shop: Sunday's/Thursday's are the best days to shop new drops. Tuesdays and Fridays are best for shoes and bags.. Grab your Friday night accessories on FRIDAY

2.What to shop for: I have had a very funny pattern when it comes to Zara Jeans and to be honest as much as I like their jeans I always find they make my bum look flat because of the way they are shaped or aren't shaped in my case, leg fit is great but it gets a bit messy upwards after that, which is a shame as the quality of the jeans are great and the price is more than generous.

3. Sales Seasons- well it was Friday the 17th June that the sales started online in the UK.. so 2 weeks into June and your full price items turn magically into half price or less, but remember that also means New Stock is in.

4.Popular Items.. save the threads for next season i know every blogger *including myself sometimes is rocking gold bricks out of them, but when you have it on nxt same time everyone will be asking you like CRAZY where is from. Ssshh 
5. Always Search the shoes- under them sneaky tables or at the bottom of the page when online shopping and they show what to pair them with.
6-7. Online Shopping

 YESSSS praying to Gods for this aha. - how excited am I look how much content there is for this lol

Now this, THIS is what I mainly do when I shop for Zara goodies (can you tell how excited I am)to be honest there's something you don't have when you go to the changing rooms when trying on clothes, footwear or accessories and that is .. the rest of your wardrobe. Now I'm an on the go Mummy that means 2 things: 1. my hands are already full even when I don't have them - I know how your thinking but they are. 2. My bag is full of children's things, my things, work things and just THINGS *emoji extreme crying face* it's like I'm constantly TA training and then most days I'm on foot patrol the last thing I have time to do is remember everything that is hanging on my clothing rail and I daren't even try and remember what footwear I'm still holding onto to make its special ' where did you get your shoes from' comment, but with all that said. Online shopping is great as you can add everything to your basket, try it and return what you do like or doesn't suit you- its like Mum Magic ta-dahhh lol.

8. ZARA has 2 line's and TRF is one of  them, and also my everyday favourite, what doesn't it have for an everyday on the go business mummy.. oh and it's also a lot cheaper.

9. T-Shirts- they are my ultimate best and like iv said a thousand times before.. I am a your basic everyday mummy, that means I wear jeans I'm a Killer of T-SHIRTS and also wear comfy, footwear aka mainly trainers lol, but t-shirts along with jeans take up the majority of my clothing rail.

10. Bloggers Favourites.. lets face it these are always trending pieces and go with your EVERYTHING but they sell out so fast, but that doesn't mean you should stop maybe something else will catch your Zara Radar and to me they are always the Stand-Out pieces, glitter,sequins more glitter  and more SEQUINS lol, right now I have my beady shopper eye on the Metallic Biker Jackets (here)

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