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Monday, 12 September 2016

Back to School Rucksack's

Yayy.. It was Shaerbear's 1st day at School today and Monstar's will be tomorrow Yayy- still I have mixed emotions and I'm told this is normal lol.
So this is the 2nd time actually writing this and it makes me so mad that my work didnt save even though I saved it!!

Moving on tho, let's get into it. So September and I quote ' is the January of Fashion' (Candy Pratts Price, Executive FD), Seriously it actually is.  Magazines are packed to the rim with everything, London Fashion week is about to start and whilst this is going on so is the madness behind closed doors designers, organisers, bloggers and vloggers and not just fashion madness, starting new schools, making new plans for the month, CHRISTMAS - and no I haven't said that word to early as I swear I seen a Christmas display the other day on Instagram utter-MADNESS I tell you, so with all that being said welcome to The September Issue the Kids Edit. I hope you are all gonna have as much fun as I am reading these post, I'm going to be dedicating my all to this blog as I have let it slip away and in all honesty,  I absolutely love my Blogs - yes I have 2 blogs I'll link it below. But right now, let's get started with the Mini September Issue for Girls and Boys.



*Red Kipling Bag (unfortunately the red bag is sold out from the ebay store I got it from) But others are avaliable here

* Cath Kitson Bag : here


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