New Hair Don't care - My Undercut.

Friday, 15 July 2016

So last week, I booked myself in with Toni&Guy in Birmingham to undergo my New haircut. To be honest, I actually had more balls the day I booked it as I wanted it done there and then.. but unfortunately it didn't quite work like that lol, fair play I'm no famous celeb and I suppose it was a good thing to be honest as it gave me more time to see if this was something I actually wanted and what kind of designs  I could find via Tumblr and Good old Pinterest. Basically, it worked as the more and more time went by my mind was defiantly made up, I have never had my head shaved or such a daring haircut lol. Oh wait, I did cut off all my curly hair at uni but that was because my alopecia had returned and I didn't know how to deal with it and didn't want to worry the 'Far-Jah' lol SO! I cut it, and on that note I bore you no more with more talk, well apart from the Price a very well spent £20 (yayyy),. I do have to say one thing to end with, My Gosh! I didn't think My hair would grow so fast- Wow lol #herecomesthecurls.

Would also like to thank Pam at Toni&Guy Birmingham for my new Haircut as I absolutley Love it - Thank you. 

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