A Fashion Girls Summer Holiday Packing List You Should Check before AnyTrip

Friday, 8 July 2016

So its holiday season (Yay) and that also means you get to wear a floaty ruffled floral maxi dress, or your light cotton off white culottes with you fav slightly loose t-shirt all in all whatever your choosing to wear the warm air and smell of the sea isn't far off now. So the question is 'What do you pack?! 

A. As a mother that still wants to look glamourous but still have the ability to chase or hold a child that seems like its hidden E-numbered sweets in their pockets and is eating them slyly until they have turned into a Tasmania devil and now can't hold back the hype they have created  - cheers dad. 
b. or just general Adult packing, what to wear to the airport and who not to pack your kitchen sink lol.
So  with that said 'Where are you going? and What should you pack: 

Dreaming of a beautiful  Private Villa in Greece White walls and blue sky A little breeze in the warm air  with a very beautiful bathing area that out looks a goddess view and the perfect bikini and though over to match your lovely that mani and pedicure you just had done. Or even a very nice relaxing holiday Villa in Italy, I would love to go to Italy if I had a get-up and go chance, the scenery alone is breathtaking and seems like a great family holiday, very homely and relaxed, take a look at these Private villas. These will definitely make you want to start  Holiday shopping and doing last minute bookings for a nice little family/ friends getaway. So what Items are essential to your get-away and make you feel like and look like a superstar,  even if both children look like all they have done all day is play in the sand and have most of their ice-lolly filled ice-cream around their mouth..or worst maybe a sand beard.

What to pack:
1. Chargers/adapters - Phone, laptop, camera extra Plugs.. then these are tech items you don't want to forget.. also don't forget to take your SD card.
2.Passports.. lets face it you can't go out the country without this and with the Vote having us leaving the EU .. check to see when you will be needing a Visa.
3. Children- dont forget the children lol 

Airport Run outfit

 The Lounge before the Party of fun in the Sun:

Joggers: So obviously fashion and parent-friendly, believe me  I have come across a few joggers without any nifty pockets on them. I love to chuck my Phone into my pocket when hands are needed to be free in an instant.
T-shirt, now this is a key essential for travelling (and everyday life lol) as the loose slightly curved hem t-shirt isn't just casual its actually great for when you want to wear maybe a heavier jacket and dont want to get to hot and bothered, colours I would choose are Grey, Black or White.

Hoodie or biker jacket.. either one is a great go-to travel essential as the hoodie you can hide your hair under when coming from the plane or if your hairs in canerows you don't have to worry, either way a hoodie is simple and a great go to.

Evening wear

Dresses.. loose fitted and floaty are always best to pack and take up less space if you use the roll packing method, any colour is great and a floral/ printed one makes you look like you have made an effort even if you haven't. Playsuits- love them. I love how any playsuit can instantly make you look dressed up, wheather teamed with heels or flats. great summer holiday essential.

Pool-side wear
Where you like to sport a one-piece or like to wear a 2 piece don't forget your kaftan or cover up these are everything now especially if you're going to lunch straight after chilling at the pool or even if you have just had a nice fun day at the beach or a water park. Also Denim shorts are one of my essentials. I normally bring at least 2 pairs as I live in denim shorts when the weather is hot.

Tourist Wear
Throw on oversized t-shirts, what's great about these is you can add a pair of shorts underneath is you don't want to put keep going into your bag for change or your phone.

Trip to the beach

super easy, super chick and super casually.

** This post was written in collaboration with Clickstay.**

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