We will be back Soon

Sunday, 5 June 2016

Good Morning, So life has been on a bit of a rollercoaster on both the Children's blog and Mine to be honest 'What am I not juggling at the moment'? (don't answer that lol)  life of a mum let alone a blogging one 'I challenge myself way to much'. I have actually been reading a few of my favourite Mummy Blogs and they have inspired me a lot both with content and laughter, its funny how much you can relate to another blogging mum on the other side of the world.
I also can't believe were in June already *emoji shocked face* the last post I did I think was February- so This month will almost definitely be a catch up on whats been going on, Im going to actually give you a schedule to how and when I will be Posting. So I have decided to post on a Tuesday and Sunday (Sunday Mornings10am). There is so much to tell you Shaerbear has now joined a dance class and loves it, and Monstar is entering his first bike competition- don't worry I will fill you in with Everything lol. I will be back with more mini fashion outfits and kids lifestyle content to freshen this blog up,  as It has been a very interesting few months. But hopefully this is our comeback month, also will be posting pics of Monstar's 3rd Birthday and New Quad Bike and why my daughter has now turned into a mini denim everything kind of girl (mini denim addict) lol, I literally have to prise her denim jacket of her almost everyday. On that note time to get Breakfast started and get out this house. See you all soon.

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