Tangle Teezer Elite Vs Tangle Tweezer Original & The Aqua Shower brush

Thursday, 30 June 2016

So I have had my Pink Original Tangle Teezer for a few years now to be precise 4yrs, and it's also not mine lol -  it's the mini's but when I do get to use it, it brings me back to when I first purchased it in Boots- it was in Cara Delevingne's favourite hair care products in one of my magazines and when I read more about it, It basically won me over - and it didn't fail either! it literally glides through both wet and dry hair, natural, afro, long, short, thick and thin  and I love it. I also love the fact that the children have never ever complained when I use  it their hair. I never hear a single word when I use the Tangle Teezer it's another great favourite hair tool and here's why:

1. It's so handy to use the shape is perfect.
2. As stated above, it glides through my hair straight or the curly puff I get when washed.
3. You can also use it in the shower when doing your hair wash routine (i always use it when washing my hair or the children's )
4. Easy to clean - literally regards or what products you may use.
5 it actually comb's out tangles and knots without you even feeling any pulling or harsh tugging.

Onto the Tangle Teezer Elite. For some strange reason I don't get the same feel for this, and your prob thinking ' well what's the difference, they only look different because one is bigger?. But it's not that. With the elite I can actually feel my hair being pulled alot MORE, it is very new so I'm not going to fully review it right now and it maybe just like that because it's new, although I didn't get this feeling from the Original- 4yrs is a long time to have a great hair tool but it still holds its value of a well spent £10.50 because it still feels brand new does quite look the same (pink has faded on the comb side). The Elite Tangle Teezer I find whilst looking for a new one via google as I can never ever find the gold/silver metallic ones in store. But on looking for these same colours AGAIN lol I stumbled upon a website that sells them (you know when u google/ search something in a browser and the ads come up at the top first- it was one of them) and although I don't actually might paying £10-13 for them they were coming up as £6.50-£7.50 and I'm a sucker for anything orange other colours were available apart from the gold and silver one I'm still looking out for lol it only cost me £7.50 and free shipping. As it was a website I hadn't used before I was pleased they offered Paypal and decided it would be best to use them first time round. The product arrived way before its delivery time and I was not expecting it to arrive so quick I was thinking what the hell could this be? aha hopefully I can give you a more honest and better  review on it when I use it a lot more. 

Click here for Tangle Teezer, also I'd check out the whole site as they actually have some good brand products at really good prices.

Tangle Teezer Aqua Shower Brush

Also in the Above picture is MINE, yes MY own Tangle Teezer. It's about time I got my own to be honest I bought this from Feel Unique (here) as it's now become one of my new online beauty spots to shop on. I decided to purchase the Aqua one as I needed a new shower brush and you can also use this on wet and dry hair which is great for me, and you can also use it to lightly blow dry your hair, although I won't be using it to blow my hair out as I have very thick hair that needs more than a light blow dry on it. It's also quite light which was a shock for me as it's a lot bigger than the Elite and Original it also has this hole that goes right through the middle, to be honest  I think this is a great feature especially when using it in the shower when I'm shampooing and conditioning my overly thick mass of hair lol.  For shampoo and conditioner I also decided to try the Bumble & Bumble range (here)  I have honestly for the longest time EVER wanted to give this ago since a few years back and never got round to getting it, but and as It was on the same website as the brushes- why not ey lol. I've read and heard great things about this product and can't wait to actually put to try it- bare in mind my review on the products may be a while as I dislike washing my hair lol.

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