Styling: Classic Basic White Shirt

Thursday, 2 June 2016

.. 2nd video Yeahhhh, still working on how to get the right lighting and a more clearing focus point (any and all tips are so welcome). So I have made a video on me style my Classic White 'Everyday Basic Shirt', this shirt is like my uniform for the week, believe it or not but I have 2 of these and I'm about to purchase a 3rd as they are great and at a neat £22 -Why Not. I love how a simple basic classic always dresses me up regardless of what I'm doing. It also puts me straight into work mode even when teamed with my skinny black jeans (I really need to give these a a nickname aha). This basic white shirt is my wardrobe staple piece and my go to everyday.. hope you enjoy the video.

ps. I promise you I will get better at editing and filming, its my June Challenge.  X

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