Strider Bike Race at Birmingham BMX Park.

Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Yes as you will see from the pics below you will notice how great the day was and how much my little star enjoyed his day : ). I actually enjoyed it to be honest. I loved how all the children and parents where friendly and supportive of all the children that were racing, everyone looked great in there strider clothing and accessories. I also loved the Go-pro camera's  that were attached to the helmets of some of the children (so need to get Monstar one for days out on his bike). It really was a great day out and I was so proud of him, he did fall and he got straight back up and carried on #proudparentmoments. 

The Strider Bike race is for 2-5year olds and their bikes are quite different from your average bikes as they have no pedals and are mainly to keep your balance for when you start riding a pedal bike or even motorbikes, you can check out the company and watch a few video here,  they also have different ages and can even get adult bikes, Monstar has had his bike since his 2nd birthday and has been a great purchase for both us and him, his bike is the the Strider bike Pro (here)  you can also find out when the next competition races are aswell. As much as he didn't place he did get a medal for participating and he loved that.  Just would like to say thanks to the strider team for putting on a great event at Birmingham BMX park.


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