" The Nothing" Shoe or The Cinderella Shoe

Sunday, 19 June 2016

Yes so it seems like they have been dubbed as the nothing shoe by Vogue, but that would mean 2 things theres nothing to them or there is something to them but you just can't see it (lost.. don't be) So let me explain. Kim Kardashian was the first person I saw wearing them, I think it may have been last year or the year before and I instantly fell in love with them because lets face it 'what woman wouldn't fall in love with these shoes' they are perfect. Sometimes I like to wear floral prints or bright colours and I don't really what my feet to say anything or grab peoples attention other than, well these. The perfect nude shoe especially for WOC its hard to find to find anything that makes it look like your not wearing any shoes, and with most shoes having that designer shoe means having that designer tag - 'I'm shaking my head yes, but my purse and the world are saying no'. So along comes my ego email @ precisely 10.59pm letting me know whats new in as I had previously pre-ordered the clear boots- it's ok I'm a proclaimed footwear designer, buyer and hoarder Sooo moving on I scroll down and notice that they have the shoe of all shoes 'THANK YOU EGO' they don't have a designer price tag @ £300/400 attached to it but a purse friendly, unnoticeable bank transfer purchase of  £34.99. Yep £34.99..

I wasn't even checking my emails for this so why would I be purchasing anything because it also said 20% off them 1. I'm a sucker for shoes i've longed for and all other footwear 2. Money off shoes I have longed for and love - Home-Run and they are just the same as the yeezy season 2 and they are an imitation of Christian Louboutin heeled sandal's I first noticed on Kim Kardashian West a few years back. But its not just me crushing over the lucite Heels and Clear Upper 

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