Mini Fashion Trends: Girls Love Hair Accessories

Tuesday, 14 June 2016

About Why I started them..
So  I bascially got interested in making my own Hair bows and Clips back in 2011 after my friend said I should start making hair bobbles as she thought I had made the ones in Shaerbears hair, but I didn't make these these were purchased these from claire accessories, oh and on that note 'when did Claires Accessories become so pricey? now back to the story... I thought Hey its not like I don't make accessories I have a degree in Footwear Designer AND Accessories this could be good, and I do love ribbon and bows when it comes to cute pretty hair accessories, I mean even my parents added ribbon bows into my hair as a baby and whilst in Primary School, so i goggled, youtubed everything about making hair bows with ribbon- who knew there was a whole technique for the bow the look like a bow by pinching it the ribbon in the correct centre places?! Yep theres a formula to it and believe me I remember being up for 24hrs until I got this right, bare in mind I had 1 child so no school runs, fighting about how is closer to the iPad, crying about why I gave such a child the drink first or why I didn't give them their ice lolly 'because darling you was sound asleep, All I had to do was breast feed on demand and play with her until she got tired or me, go for walks and change nappies. So me being up at stupid O'clock back then was more like uni and going to lecturers or class - Motherhood of 1 lol.

 I will have the Shop back in action next Tuesday (21st June), However if you repost this blog post via Twitter, Facebook or Instagram (@thebearandthestar) will get a goodie bag of  Bows. limited Goodie Bags Up for Grabs I'm not going to give a figure of how many as I think I may have runners up included.

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