Love! Want! Need! The long awaited Zarakids Bomber Jacket

Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Story Time Tuesday

I have been on the hunt for a mini version of my Schott/Topshop Bomber since I purchased mine in 2014. I really did think there would have been more on the high- street especially with it being such a unisex trend and this is such a young boys jacket this would have been perfect with in the last few years, although there was some around some far to expensive for growing toddlers and then some that was covered in Big Oversized logo's that covered one-side of the coat or cotton blend styled bombers, the question was Where was the Bomber?! I was shocked that Zara hadn't already had it in any of there seasons or tends and lets face it ,Zara is basically the High Street Shop that has straight of the Catwalk trends! hands down there own it and I love being able to shop in the Kids section and find everything and more of what I can't find in other shops. I love how you can run into Zara's and pick up a Kids Outfit Footwear and accessories included and leave with not a dent to your purse, this is the  mummy friendly shop along with a few others like M&S and Next that I love to shop. So when I seen the Bombers in the Birmingham branch I picked up them up with no hesitation, quick glimpse of the price tag 'Yes Perfect' lets face it guy's I was buying it regardless the Hunt was over and my Bank account didn't even flinch! #mummygoals lol. 
 The only thing is these Bombers Jackets were not in the Boys section.. they was in the Girls section?! they had them in 2 colours the Blush/Pastel pink whichever you choose to use and Khaki Confused, Yeah me too?!. I asked the lady at the till where I could find the Boy's Bombers, her face was a picture like she had been asked this question all day but had time to give me more of an in-depth answer as the store was quite and no mad panic of busy mummy's and the not so interested father's trying to look as interested as they can whilst most children ran around like it was a Childs play centre or moaned or mopped there way around the store asking if its time to go yet that or she had become so familiar with my face she now thinks Im a weird mum that has nothing better to do or places to go apart from looking though the racks & rails of children clothing and politely asking staff if they have this in more sizes (issues of a serious mum shopper-holic in stores soon) she explained that they had but forward on lots of occasions at meetings and in comments about what they think they would like to see in store and had said on a few occasions that Bomber Jackets for both Boys and Girls would be great. See how great the Birmingham Zara Store is ' Always knowing what their customers want' anyways short in tail of bit still no Boys Bombers...yet. 

Yes you got it I got both Bombers from the Girls Sections- bare in mind though Bombers are Unisex so don't feel uneased if you do want to purchase it and it says 'ZARAGIRLS' on the the tag inside. 
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