How to Dress Appropriately for Work When It's Really Hot

Sunday, 12 June 2016


 style du monde

Although this Post is a little on the late front with weather, its always go to know what to wear to work when the weather it is really hot. Its a lot cooler today but the UK weather has been Scorching and we are loving it! But we also have to go to work, or go to meetings or interview and for that we need to dress appropriately, wether its boiling hot or very humid there is now way you could cut it in your suit jacket or work fleece in this weather  and I don't mean stick on your linen pants or shorts because there is more to it than that 'So how do we dress then'?! First off I'm no expert just a few ideas that spring to mind lol

Now you all now I'm your basics girl and to be fair there is absolutely nothing wrong with that at all all it means is I play around more with textures and accessories to make even a basic outfit look clean cut and personal to myself.
summer shoes pt1

Coloured Sandals

 As much as we would all prefer to walk around in an office, meeting or to interviews in sliders or flip flops we can't plus that just makes me think Chill Time and Homebound not work focused, try opting for a clean cut sandal with either block heel or a colour, postal pink and silver are my go to colours this summer, playing with colour on your feet is a great way to keep a clean look meaning you can use natural/monochrome tones with your clothes and still look stylish and sheek.
A great piece of clothing would be a playful Wrap Dress or wide leg loose pants and have play around with Colourful Jewellery put keep it simple like adding just earring or a necklace.
Summer Work Shoes pt2





Now theres 2 things I want to point out here:
1.I already know the pictures above of Sarah Harris, haven't got her wearing Any espadrilles what-so-ever lol- but her style is so me.
2. Im a freelance Footwear Designer and this post mostly may well relate to people that don't work in an office(unless its dress down Friday or something ), on the go mummy's, bloggers and shop assistants or anyone else who doesn't have a uniform dress code for that matter. Just a quick heads up aha!
So with that said... lets go forth, in peace. So! I'm not going to lie, I actually still wear jeans in the summer along with loose pants, especially  when I'm out on the school run as its easier to do things in with 2 active children around. Jeans and Pants are my wardrobe essentials and forever will be.. along with a good pair of denim shorts a great dress clinched waist with pockets, pocket dresses are a must I don't care what anyone says lol.  Although if I wasn't on mum duty and attending an event like a wedding, christening or maybe even on a Date Night with the other half then I MAY wear a dress, although this is if I actually HAVE to do it. So my work dress code is more on the basic side, shirt/tshirt jeans/oversized loose pants and bright shoes or espadrilles - I absolutely love espadrilles in the summer. I adore Sarah Harris's style (she's the Fashion Features Director at British VogueSimple, Elegant and everything I love about fashion. So with that said, whats going on my feet?

Summer Work Footwear pt3.. check the blog

ASOS & another pair (here)

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