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Saturday, 4 June 2016

So my skin has changed over the last 3/4 months and I keep getting a rash which doesn't sit well with me, as I have never stuffed with bad skin in all my years or living to be honest I don't even know if I've had a rash/spotty face that has had me this stress before. I have tried everything and know I'm caving in at the seams *emoji scream face*. I did notice that when I use my Kiehls midnight Recovery Oil I break out to the point of itching where I know have marks from itching in my T zone area's, anyways I was doing my daily Pinterest scowling and came across some Lush products and thought I give them a try.. Now it has been a while I have been using the Lush products but I didn't want to do a review on them as quick as I think I did the Kiehls review. I have grow fond of ALL of them and I can Honestly say these will get purchased again when I run out *side note: The Dream Cream was purchased for the BF but he did tell me what he thought of it*.

I got 5 Products (all pictured below)

Queen Bee.. this was for my hair, although I didn't intend to buy anything for my hair as my skin was/is my main concern right now.. but talk about doing exactly what it says.. it even lay my feels like coconut butter, palmers coconut butter (Wayyy back in the day), you know the hard one you soften in the palm of your hands. This I use mostly at night when I wrap my hair up to go bed it made my hair feel so soft and not just for a few hours but all day, it smells like great too and it lay perfect for any style the next day.

BB Seaweed. This definitley made a impact on my rash and although when I took it off it looked like it highlighted them more within a few minutes my face was less dry and flakey and back to how it use to be moist and none spotty and the fact that you keep this pot of gold dust in the fridge meant that is was cool and refreshing on my skin. 

*Before I get further into my Lush Products, I did steam my face for about 5/7 minutes before I used the Lush face masks, although not all the time I did do this as I wanted to open up my pores and let the masks sink deep within my skin*

Moving on...

Mask Of Magnanimity- This was My favourite, although you don't have to keep it in the fridge I didd put this in there, the peppermint smell and coolness of this also keeper my skin feeling great and full of life again, it slowly calmed down my spots and now flakey dry skin and made me feel back to my usual self without worrying to much on why and how my skin has suddenly changed, this worked magic on my face.
The Last 2 items are soaps: Movis, its like a little slice of bread- seriously lol Im taking it's named after Hovis bread- which is also nice bread aha, but this is like a gentle but firm exfoliator for my face which is good if used every other day I mostly liked using it when I got home or just before I go to bed, I also loved massaging it into my hands and loved how soft they got after washing, its like it took the died skin of my hands and made them youthful again- believe me working with harsh paint and leather a lot can slowly damage your pretty hands. 
The Other soap is Called 'Sea Vegetable' to be brutality honest with you I bought this on the way to the till and only because I loved the colours as it reminded me of the bright blue sea.. but after using this I can say that I love the squeakiness it loves on my body after a good shower, and I do love its earthy smell, it basically like being aboard on the beach or best still how it would smell if you was in a herbal Essence Ad lol.

I also attended Birmingham Beauty Show and had my skin looked at by a Demonologist and was given a free sample pack of there clay mask and a few other things so Im going to give this a test as every now and again I still seem to break out.. I need to get to the bottom of this and find out 'What Exactly has Happened with my Skin?

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