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Friday, 1 April 2016

...Not a good month in non fashion sense, as I have come out in a rash thats only effecting my eyebrows, over large forehead, chin and mouth. Defiantly not in a picture mood which is a shame as my blog isn't about beauty (well not all the time) but I can't really show you products in that area until I find out what product has caused a breakout on my skin. So on that note heres my Current and Favourite's this month:


So it looks like I'm still rocking my bomber.. but isn't everyone and I did say to keep hold of your bomber last year (post here).. I just don't know when I will stop, can't wait to finish customising my pink kicks so I can start wearing my pink bomber. But yes still kicking it in my distressed jeans, slightly fitted t-shirts, creepers or nikes all still being worn along with my Cap (here), which I have come to love more and more each day.

1. Hello Fashion Magazine... 
What can I not say about this mag apart from it sources everything fashion, art and business in one. I love how fashion forward this magazine is and it reads easily not that I have a problem with reading, but sometimes when you only have a few hours to do you or in my case read up on latest trends in-between nursery hours and work this is perfect. And if  you want to know more on a subject that has been highlighted then further reading on the internet about that designer, business owner or make-up trend is widely available. I love how they also layout there Pages of clothing and where to buy.. as you can slightly see I have marked my current favourites with washi tape lol. Also at only £1.50.. well HELLO getting exactly what all fashionista want for a great price.

2.  Stylist
.. its free for starters and I love that from High end fashion/ interior or make-up to High street grabs, I mean basically you get this whilst in your city centre and within 10-15mins or scrolling through it I'm already in Boots, Superdrugs and H&Ms looking for beauty items lol, Its very addictive also I love reading ' Else's Where' as it gives you an quick insight of whats going on in different parts of the world. seems like in Canada Raccoons don't like the sound of dogs barking, whilst in the UAE over 2,000 people gathered in Dubai for the first ever Global Women's Forum, thats big.

3. Fashion by Christopher Breward
 very old university book that I used a lot for writing assignments, although there was not much assignments that were need to be done on my course, don't get it twisted we got assignments but not how you would get assignments like if you was studying Politics, lol I did just end up finishing the all the books that we we was told to read for research because.. who only reads chapters of a book when you purchase it?! NOT ME. So, I have decided  this is what I have chosen to re-read

Now 4...
YOU are a Badass by Jen Sincero.
This book is defiantly a book I needed to start reading this year as I do need to stop punishing and underminding myself when it comes to my life and businesses. All I can say is this book has made a few adjustments in my life and I haven't even finished it, its funny and realistic in every way possible. So i'm very glad I purchased this book as one of my ' More to Read's in 2016'. Im telling you now you will feel like a 'badass, go getter' within 3-4 pages into it. Must read.

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