My Autumn/Winter Wardrobe Capsule X PT 1

Thursday, 4 February 2016

Basics are never easy, or they could be if you stick to the more muted side of the spectrum e.g White's , Grey's and Black's and yes each colour in my case is a plural because there is more than 1 tone to each colour. Feeling lost.. don't! I'll run it down to you- real fast thou.. we have Winter Wardrobe to get back too. Black, how manny times have you bought something that states black, get home team it with your black jeans to notice 2 different shades? Happens a lot. thats because when it comes to different materials and and textiles the colour will look different in this case Fashion is made up of 5-10 blacks: Black Onyx, Black Beauty, Anthracite, Meteorite, Caviar and Jet Black. This is why when someone asks me if I can custom their kicks in blue.. my follow on question will be which blue? as there are so many different spectrums of colour.. especially in fashion. So the next time you go shopping for something to have the exact match take your item with you and try it on so you can see what your working with, if its an online purchase and the fit is perfect but the colour could be darker.. the buy a self clothing dye and dye it.

Now back to the  Capsule Wardrobe... I found this via a youtube I watch called viviannedoesmakeup and I loved the whole idea of it. As I'm in saving mode, but still want to buy footwear and clothes  taking out the 'wanted' items and just get the "needed"  aka my everyday pieces in place of a dress I will never wear but really love because it looks nice and I can "see" myself in it.. until 2yrs later and its still hanging there with the tag still attachment- Urgh! So I will not be spending money on items that will not get a used and then have to but them on Ebay or Depop to reclaim some of my money back- I'm trying here , lol. Below is my Wardrobe Planner which I downloaded and printed out (here). You can also see some of the things I will be purchasing or have purchased but the funnest part will be putting the 37 pieces together to create outfits for the next 3months.. Is it sad that I am really looking forward to this- don't laugh I know the answer. Also just to make you aware, you may see me rocking the crap out of most of my bomber jackets and jumpers as I am forever cold, no matter what the season is lol.. just hope it helps me save my pennies, give it a try if your also trying to be a savy saver.

Ps.. whilst writing this my Pink bomber Jacket just arrived.. be it's ok as it was apart for my capsule- aha x

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