Iridescent, Blues and Greys x Zara Children's Outfit Haul.

Friday, 19 February 2016

Hello February, I know this is a little late but Shaerbear and Monstar literally had a cold every week since returning to nursery - I think it was just passed between them every other week.

Lets get into it, so I did a recent post on my blog featuring Iridescent and metallic hues, and as much as I was channeling the futuristic vibes so was Shaerbear, to the point were she actually ran over grabbed theses pumps (pictured below) " mummy mummy, these are AMAZING can I get them please please pleeeeease" ( amazing has been her new word for the last 3-4months, sometimes it sounds very sarcastic, in a funny sort of way). Then I see the faux suede blue tie-up shoes and instantly wished I had purchased the ones from Office last summer. But these where also 'AMAZING' as Shaerbear would say as they reminded her of ballet  shoes as she will be starting Ballet Lesson soon. I think I will be pairing these with her denim skirt and oversize hooded jumper( also in the pic), or a even a nice floaty dress when the weather gets warmer, the good thing is, these can be paired with tights as I got here an extra 1/2 size up an outfit post will be up soon so you can see what everything looks like on.

Monster on the other hand is very much a Nike Jordans  fan, to be fare with him I actually love how he looks in Jordans especially when he's wearing his jeans, hoody and Casual coat, you know the non nursery clothing, which mainly consist of H&M 3 for the price 2 tracksuits  - in every colour! ahah He's very much into Mario Kart and loves the steering wheel on the Wii, that and the fact he can play it with his sister. So this T-shirt was perfect for him as he is really into playing game consoles and the fact I love him in grey.. well that plays a great part as well. Grey is a colour in my eyes that can be dressed up or down depending on what its is or teamed with its the best go to colour for children if you want them in something light but not to dark and also goes with lots of other things in there wardrobe.. and yes you may have noticed once again it is a mini looking ZARA Haul- I can't help myself. I love how the clothing is affordable, which not many people know and I love how everything can be teamed with other brands re-creating high designer looks that are also mummy purse friendly. All links to clothing and below. 

**Most items are not newly purchased**

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