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Thursday, 21 January 2016

Every year I decide I want to try something different and I actually never do. I always want to try products like clinique or Murad - but as soon as I start to fill out the form about my skin, up pops that question ' What Kind of skin do you have? Dry, Oily, Combination or Normal?! First off what is normal?! Does that mean you dont use anything whatsever on your face since youv been born? Or does it mean your normal because your life is "perfect" so your skin is "normal"?! Either way this is irrelevant to me as I am far from normal in any way. So lets try and get a better understanding of where I could possible be going with this. I decided to try Kiehls as I have done more research into what the products are and also how great the midnight oil is - and believe me now, the smell the Night oil leaves on your face is smoothing and has actually given me a more calmer sleep along with not watching anythin on the ipad. I kind of like the fact that i choose this and even better it was a late Xmas present and one I truely will use. Unfortunately I havent tried the other products as I was mid of trying the dove exfoliating soap- which has been working great for me, but i will start to try them this week and give you a better insight as to how I feel about them. But I have definitely fallen in love with the night oil and you really dont need that much. I started of using the samples as I was also give about 3/4 samples but Ive put them away for when I either run out of the bottle or Im travelling, I have also noticed this product can be used on every skin type as I have seen and heard others who actually know what there skin type is unlike yours truly :),  although after thinkin about it I think I could actually be Normal - skin type nothing else aha who would have thought that. And no my life is still far from normal., and that is another blog story of its own. I would say that the way my face looks and feels in the morning after using this definitely makes me look like Iv had the perfect nights sleep, which is pretty good considering Im on nights for toilet training and proberly haven't had a goodnights sleep since I had my first child.. So for mums out there that are looking for something that doesnt make you look like the walking dead even though you feel great this is for you.All in All this product is for evey skin type.

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