Last One from 2015 - Mostly Worn

Thursday, 7 January 2016

Haha .. This sound be fun, I wore the same things day in day out.. and if it didn't look like it it certainly felt like it lol. Its funny really As this takes me back to school days and  uniforms.I really didn't mind wearing uniform, honestly it could of been worst, but my school uniform was black and lets face it 'perfect colour' as long as I could wear it my way it was alright but that was so not gonna happen in a catholic school with a convent at the back. Uniform was a high priority in school Black pleated skirt knee length, although you only seen this when you was a year 7 or when you was attending mass, assemble or sent to the heads office. A White/Blue shirt (why 2 colours I didnt understand) your stripy tie with v neck school logo on. How anyone was suppose to be themselves I dont know, structured and polished was definitely the mission here lol. Looking back at it when it came to 'non uniform day' I couldnt wait to show the world ( the world meaning my school friends and anyone on my school route) who the real me was and that starched white M&S shirt was definitely not me lol.

Jeans - Laugh with me aha.. my Asos busted knees black jeans.. these were everywhere, I actually couldn't s top wearing them, I bought tons of jeans but these where the good to EVERYDAY for me lol. I did wear my zara denim ones when the black ones where in the wash. What can I say the drop and fit on these jeans where great, especially for an affordable price.

Zara Denim Dungarees - Well these where my everything for chill in in the summer, I had a few instagram pics of theses lol. best purchase so glad I got them.

Schott Navy Bomber coat - Everything everyday, its funny as I don't think I did blog any pics of me in it till about a month ago.. how I didn't bore you with my bomber I don't know. I actually got this a few years before bombers became trending, I was bought as it reminder me of the time me and my parents wore them, think I was about 7/8 only my parents had a velcro removable school logo on these and I really wanted mind to do it- but it never lol.

Asks Grey, White and Black rolled sleeved t-shirts. This was uniform or maybe more of laziness when going on the school run, but they held the perfect warmth if the weather wasn't on its best behaviour and I teamed this with a...

Zara Khaki Oversized hooded light Parka, I wish I had bought 2 of these I loved wearing this and when my hair was blonde, well before the blog lol it looked great with all black clothing and my superstars. I actually throw my navy toyshop biker over the top of it the other day to meet a few friends in town so not ready to let got of this.

Superstars. Adidas the year of the Sups, 2015 did bring in some very old school trainers I say bring in but I main a lot of mainstream shops stocked them in lost of sizes.  I even ombre my Adidas with orange, (obsessed with orange) and they picked up the most amount of orders for people - thank you guys, I got complemented on these and my nike air 90's when wore out.

Initial Studs. These where picked up from F21 also again before I was blogging I think a year before actually, I wore the initials of me, my mini's and my Boyfriend 'C & K' although I wanted to purchase these in really gold, i never did do it and ended up painting them white with a few good coats of Barry M nail varnish (I was bored lol). I really did love them in high school I had an initial ring and  Gold creole earrings with my initials in them *shakes head whilst covering eyes* We all have them fashion fail moments only this was a big trend in Manchester, you wasn't anyone till you got a pair lol.

Vivienne Westwood Quited Bag. The sad thing about this is I have had to shelf it as it needs repairs :( but I loved the rose colour of the chain handle and it wasn't to big or small. It was a birthday gift to myself on a trip to Selfridge. Im sure this bag will be passed down to Shaerbear, great designer bags always have to get passed down.. hopefully she will get all my fabulous shoes as well lol.

Shoes.. well were do I start.. maybe I should do a shoe video to help you understand.. although my best shoes would have to be my Aquazzura's, no words explain the comfort and sexiness of these shoes, perfect heel and height will definitely be making another purchase this year.. I hope lol. Also I am a proud VERY proud owner of the Pumpa Creepers. Life lol.

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