Happy New Years - Hello 2016, christmas gifts and sale purchases

Sunday, 3 January 2016

I did have a few post that I wanted to upload before this, but I have actually just enjoyed loafing around in Pj's and sweats, every now and then I'd put on jeans to take the mini's out for a walk with there new christmas toys.. which was also a good way to get some fresh air into my lungs lol. Anyways  Happy New Year Guys, hows your 1st day been - hopefully well? today I fort it would be the perfect day to Say... Hi lol and also talk about a few things that went way way down in 2015. Lets face it your all mostly went out yesterday and are hung over or hanging RIGHT the way over the edge on the verge of falling right back into bed so its more of a light read and a few things I got for Christmas 2015 and Sale pieces. Oh I have also decided to do a Selfridges Haul I'm thinking 1-2months, I do tend to go there for my more expensive make-up brands, trainers from Offspring or the kids sections, yes I can fit into the children clothing and footwear and I'm for from ashamed of this lol but if Im honest I spend most of my time in High Street Shops or online, only for clothing and footwear, I still haven't chanced just buying make-up online- wonder if I'll try it this year?! but yeah Superdrugs if where you will find me buying all my toiletries.

So the Kenzo sweater the story behind this is, well I kind of missed out on this the first time round and  I was actually quite gutted as I really loved the colour of the sweater and the colour pattern of the tiger, ahh well be honest the print on the front isn't the exact colours that I wanted (here) when I first spotted this, but I like it never the less and will still rock it to near death lol... oh the small detailing I missed is that its aged 14yrs - yes this is a childs sweater, I think I should have even gone smaller as well lol.

Moschino Fresh iPhone Case. This is nothing new to a few people and has played it part all over social media but I Love It! I always have and I can see it dressing up a few of my Jeans and T-shirts outfits now- intact I have a feeling it will make an appearance in the summer- yes I said Summer not that I care for it as much as I don't really dress up for it like how I do in Winter. Although I my try this year (may being the key word) lol.

The 2 other items i havent mentioned yet are in fact 2 very well needed Christmas presents. My Power Bar by Anker and my Marvin the Martian phone case from Casetify . I am the biggest Marvin fan along with Bugs Bunny ( both Libras at heart lol) my sister got me this for Christmas and she couldn't have got it more right, Cheers Chick (also got her the Lola bunny phone case) :)The thing with this item is that: 1. I really did need a new phone case and 2... well you could never go wrong with a Looney Toon also I find that my mirror cases here and here somehow block the wifi I get whilst at home and I am constantly taking the case off and then never puttin them back on when Im going out- or throwing them in my bag to put back on but even that rarely happens. 

And Finally my power bar, I got one! lol I have been put off getting one of these for so long and I have no reason as to way I did I really do need one lol. So the boyfriend decided to get this along with a Soft box as we all know lighting fails us everyday in the UK lol especially in winter. We also actually have this little thing where we buy each other things we want but never get them for ourselves.. its so random lol, but great at the same time. Well thats it from me today guys, Sunday Morning posting will be my regular slots of posting this year. think you should have grabbed your toast and tea well before reading this now haha. Enjoy your Sunday . 

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