Happy New Year Mini's - Children's Main Christmas Presents

Sunday, 3 January 2016

Happy New Guys.. Hope you all had a fantastic christmas and new year, 2016 is here! but for the next few days I am just going to give a run down of a few things that we got up to in 2015 along with there main presents for this Christmas. It quite a long post, so hopefully you won't get to bored.

So if you follow their instagram account here you would have already noticed Monstar on his quad that we purchased as his main present. He loves it and screamed with excitement when I opened up the kitchen door to show them their main gifts, Shaerbear was more like 'i don't want breakfast now mummy' lol and Monstar's speech response was a fit of shakes and 'can I go out on it now' .. to my response - Yeah, out he went in the rain with his pjs, coat and trainers with an un-feed  daddy in tow hehe, whilst me and Shaerbear set up her playmobil. Looking back at it now I think I may have got the short- end of the stick, then again I do love putting together a good flat pack (ikeas best customer) lol.

Monster got his Ride-On Quad from here its based in Leicester and the customer service was great, I even asked about the electric bikes and quads as I still unsure want to get him, but i opted for the ride-on till his birthday which I think was a good choice as I thought I should hold back till his birthday this May. We did get him a Mercedes G55 ride-on car with remote control for his 1st birthday as he is Car and motorbike mad lol.  Hopefully this year I can enter him into the strider bike competitions as they look fun.. that was a present he got for his 2nd birthday, anyways Funbikes is Leicester based and has a wide range of rides-ons, motor and electric bikes, the delivery was perfect as I ordered it quite late as I really didn't know how to disguise and over large box at the side of the tree - far to big to put under lol. But the plus was it wasn't really hard to build but then I didn't quite build it daddy duty's I did watch him though as I wrapped Gifts for everyone haha. The step by step instructions made everything easier to deal with especially as it was but up the night before christmas whilst they were asleep, I would say if anyone was to purchase this to just tighten the screws on the back wheels a little bit more. We found out the hard way on a walk to the shops I noticed the screws popping out a little when I was behind him and had to use my really nice mental nail file to tighten them, no harm done though wasn't to bad just need a little daddy maintenance when we got back in.

Shaerbear's Playmobil Mall was a little on the last minute side as well as we didn't know if to get her a 3DS as she likes cooking mama and whats a pet- I informed that a pet is not something I would like to get here right now, but could be possible when her and her brother are a little older.  But the DS was a no as it came with Mario Kart which isn't to bad as she would have enjoyed it- if she got to play it ( I already seen the sibling arguments playing in my head) lot a good look if Im honest. So bring in Playmobil Shaerbear and her brother will get a character every Wednesday after nursery and have really got into playing with them and re-dressing, changing hair and making up games with them and I love how they Play together with Playmobil I really do not hear anything out of them apart from their role-play voices lol, they even made a mini stop motion video recently and had speaking parts. Even I must admit these toys are great and find myself playing along with them lol big kid are heart, so this Playmobil Shopping Mall/Centre was great some of the pieces it came with were put away as there was a lot of miniature items. I did this before with the Ploymobil carry house we got her for her 3rd birthday, I also looked for the best deals as I do regardless if I have enough money for it- I love deals and bargains and this was a great price from Amazon and as a prime member it came next day- perfect.

I did but thought into each purchase made and knew what they would play with the most and I didn't just buy anything and everything - even though I wanted to but I I've sort of learnt for that from last year. I mean Monstar still opens 1 present and is content and refuses to open up anything else, especially if the first present is a toy car or motorbike lol, job well done I think. Sundays Mornings will be new Post days along with Wednesdays. Follow on Instagram for mini picture updates just incase I do a sneaky post on a non post day. Well hopefully nobody is up yet in your home and you can sneak a 10minute nap in... or not lol, Enjoy your Sunday Guys.

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