Grey Skys - Girls Outfit x Zara

Sunday, 10 January 2016

So Shaerbear and Batman are back in nursery and loving being back with their friends, to be honest I was quite scared as I hadn't kept to a structured routine with them over the festive holiday,  every parent/guardian nightmare! I thought they wouldn't wake up or even want to leave the house - I for one didn't want to leave, please tell me I wasn't the only one? Lol, I really need to kick into a healthy lifestyle and try some routines that will have me wanting to wake up - like how children are,  eager to start their day and let everyone no they are up and taking over the world. I love how they are so energetic and ready to go every morning- even Sundays- well maybe not all Sundays lol but yes, unfortunately this week didn't end to well. Shaerbear got her 'return back to nursery flu' and hasn't recovered well enough for me to send her in on Monday and Batman well his has just started (Saturday Morning)so he's little face won't be making an appearance today :( thats this week off nursery then. I have also got Shaebear and Batman into a homework routine - nothing to strenuous just more pencil control and keeping  within the lines whilst doing mazes and matching pictures. Monstar is basically coping Shaerbear so he's doing pretty good. Suppose thats also an advantage of having an older sibling - I say older but it's not that much of a gap between them. Anyways today is a run up of the week and an outfit post. As grey is just a perfect colour, well in my world. Happy Sunday Guys x

Blouse - similar 

Coat - late Christmas Present 

Gold Bangles - Guyanese Gold ( Family Tradition)

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