Tech Tuesday- and then there was Light x Blogmas

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Tech Tuesday

So as I mentioned yesturday I have found my new found love thanks to Shameless Maya, i say new but I do love gadgets and I also love new ways to use them. But lets just run with the new bit 'newbie' lol. So I wanted a light system only I didnt want to spend so much money on it just before Christmas and decided to do a little research, yes youtube can be used to do research sometimes comments on products just dont make me think - great I'll but it .. I also have to see it in action to believe it does that and more. Anyways this is my new tech tuesday purchase. I think (wait let me see...) yeap lol I purchased this via amazon for about £20 the link will be below if you're interested in getting one. I bought this about a few ago and its going to come in handly for these dark nights. It really makes a difference. Although I have a flash on my camera I dont really like the finish it leaves on my pictures. As you can see there is a difference
Pic 1. no flash
Pic 2.

I did do a bit of research before I purchased this, as I wanted to see how it would hold up on taking pictures . But I love it, it bascially slides onto the top on my camera and then just turn to tighten, it is also moveable aswell so you can angle it to whatever your photographing. Im glad I found something so cheap and cheerful before I get my light system set up.. I really want to try something different so im going to try my hand at youtube next year (fingers crossed). 

I also have a few tech wishlist purchases. Lens are definitely not cheap, I have also been looking into renting lens to see which ones I actually would like to buy - thanks to shameless maya. But yeah if your wanting a light system but dont looking to do the whole £100 of pound set up yet then this is a great product to start with, also comes with an orange lens to slide onto it but I dont have no use for it as of yet- I should find out what it is for.  

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