Fluttering Eyelashes x Red Cherry

Friday, 11 December 2015

I had a feeling today was going to be a long day for everything, considering this was suppose to be my morning post, ugh lol lets get to it. Falses, Flutterbugs, lashes, eyelashes whatever it is you call them they dress your face up completely. There like shoes to be honest  - i know no comparisment whatsoever haha, but I think they do just what a pair of shoes can do to a casual or basic outfit - dress them right up, just me on that one? No worries hahha. I have done a post before on falsies, but the prices have slightly changed now. And lets face theres nothing more like doing yourself up at christmas, especially if you're going to a few parties, date night with the Mr, girlie catch ups or your a newbie to falses and you want to try them out.  Red Cherry and Ardell  are my favourite, Im more of a whispery lashes girl more than any of the others, I just think they give you that ultimate flutter girly girly look. And lets face it, im not much of a dress girl so I love to add more to my looks when wearing trousers or jeans. 

I have also go some free discount codes:
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Although I've never bought nail polish from there you could give it a try :) and the best news is FREE 1st Class Delivery on every Order! And they have lots of different brands to here.

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