DIY - Jimmy Choo inspired x Christmas Shoes x Blogmas

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Hope you like the DIY Tutorial, and how great they look with your Festive Season Outfit. let me know if you tried this, it would be great to see other peoples spin on them.


Christmas shoes ( throws pretend glitter into the air).. lol No, I currently seen this on my travels back from the Bullring, Birmingham and  as my fone was out of action I had nowhere to jot down my idea, I also didn't have my usual bag with my pen and pencil in there - still havent invested into a power bar yet (hint hint if you read this), it's gettin ridiculous now- the bar power bar thingy not my idea haha, I just need to choose a power bar and get on with it #libramoments or not. Anyway I ended up reading the Vouge Mag that I picked up from H&M when purchasing my Balmain items and came across a great pair of Jimmy Choo's- Lilyth  and decided to do a Inspired Pair of them as they look like great christmas shoes. I love a lot things made with mesh and bows - I have a dark hole that stores all my girly-ness,  its not a real word but it looks like its working here- just go with it lol.

*Barley there Heels or any ankle strap shoe, mine are from ASOS
*Tulle or Mesh purchase via eBay - (sorry can't remember the selling was purchased last year)
*Glue gun - only if its something of a more permanent look

Step One.
Reel off some Tulle ruffly about 23/24cm, depending how big you want your bow - keep reeling! I have tiny ankles they make anything seem big lol. Now fold this over ( PIC 2).

Step Two 
Make 7 folds or as many as you would like. Again depending on how thick and big you want your mesh bow to be.

Step Three
Now in the centre of the bow (pic 3) wrap the mesh around Twice, and place your thumb back in the centre of the bow. Once you have done this cut and leave about 20cms of mesh, this will be used to tie around your ankle strap. 
***If you are gluing then cut of the access after you have wrapped it Twice, now tied and glue it onto the inside becareful glue is extremely hot***

Step Four
Place your bow on the strap where you would like it to be, now wrap around Twice or 3times depending on how big your bow is. Tie, Cut and make a little knot... Finished.

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