Clothing storage x Wardrobe Capsule - Blogmas'15

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Its finally up! Thanks Love haha.. The amount of times this storage unit has been up than had to be taken down .. I nearly gave up on it .. But its up and already for Winter and Christmas clothing and accessories and also new purchases. So as you may have read or may not have in my 30th November post (this here) I slightly talked about  how I am currently  loving Viviannelovesmakeup and she recently did a video on her wardrobe capsule and I love doing things like this, having a wardrobe with only a few items that go with absolutely everything is right up my street. So the Wardrobe capsule Task is definitely on that I will be participating in. Hands up head bowed - game on! Lol. So I have to have 37 items that I will wear thoughout this season, this is good because you dont get an urge to randomly buy something your not going to wear... EVER(well I hope so)! I try to do this all the time and I get there until I see a dress and think 'i want to be a girly girly' and the dress comes I try it on, it looks great and then hangs there on my rail for FOREVER - amen. The bain of my life, after this it doesnt get better and my  bank account hates me for it. Time to put this BS to bed - permanently (if possible). I think I'm going to split this post into parts.
So without further or do.. here is my clothing unit.. I will defiantly have this all completed soon, shelves drapes and lights. But for now Im very content with how its looking.

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