2016 Never to early to plan out your Year

Monday, 21 December 2015

 I've never not had a diary, even through my teen years I would keep one- don't worry guys I'm not about to let out anything- YET lol, no but this diary is more of a work diary and I going to try my very best to do everything I'm setting out to do in 2016 , and the best way to do this ' Plan Ahead... with a Diary'. I also have a few free printable pages I found (i'll link them below) that will be added to the begging of each month. Two of the printable that I actually love are: 

1. Daily Gratitude. I love this one because I sometimes tend to focus more of my time on things that just don't need to be focused on or remember to the point were Im worrying about it over an over again - yes I tend to over think on a lot of things - A LOT lol, its just how I am really especially when it comes to perfecting a customers custom footwear or perfection at the most. its a lesson I'm still learning even at this age, I'm still learning these things. Its funny though as I had a Footwear tutor called Winn who gave me a piece of advise that instantly suck in my head and I think it stuck more as I think I wasn't really relating it to what I was trying to do - well not after my 2nd/ 3rd attempt of lasting and making my shoe lol. 
Quote:  ' You can never make a perfect pair of shoes, one will have a slight fault but thats ok'. Funny as I also now use this outlook on life too., its like no matter what appreciate what you have accomplished and the slight fault only in view of your eyes is what makes this outcome perfect and rememberable- Thank You Winn... I think lol . So time to jot down everything Im thankful for and appreciate more of the good achievement and positive thinking and actions. 

2. Brain Dump. Well after reading  'Daily Gratitude' , Ive properly depressed the life out of you, lol on a Monday as well (thank me later lol). So this is perfect,especially for me getting everything out onto paper to then break it down later on in the day, week, month even the year, regardless of how long it takes me to do it - I'm going to try my best to accomplish it. I really love brain dump for the fact I can also write down what things I want to blog about, what I need to do, planning holidays, different things to try with the family, random outburst. Basically whatever it is this is a great place to get it of your head for an easy night sleep and a busy start to a great day.

The 2nd Diary is more for my bag as I tend to write down more things on paper than in my phone. yes I'm still very old school when it comes to jotting down an idea, and to be honest with you.. I tend to doddle and draw things if I can't be bother it write it down. I think its because I was so use to my dad having a journal or leather scrap book of paper with a piece of charcoal, pen or paper in his rucksack and would pull it out whenever an idea silently crept into his head lol. This will defiantly be in my bag thoughout 2016 along with a black Bic pen and a pencil - nope never did get the hand of drawing great with charcoal and i doubt I'll be walking around with this in my bag. its already full with the mini's bits and bobs lol.

Journal 2016 Diary- similar here

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