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Saturday, 14 November 2015

Good Morning, so with the shops are already prepared with Christmas ... To be honest with you it feels like christmas has come so early this year, especially on the children channels the amount of times I've be summoned to the TV because Shaerbear likes something (kinetic sand) I feel like I have already purchased it, the amount of times it's been shown to me.. but yes this post isn't about toys (not today anyways lol) but maybe about Christmas Clothing - mainly for the boys.

So Monstar defiantly doesn't get as much bits and bobs as maybe Shaerbear does, which does leave me feeling like I'm shopping in the wrong shops for him, but then It also seems like I'm not alone with this as I have heard a few mothers with boy children saying the same thing ' Where are all the Good clothing places to shop for boys but within a reasonable budget'?! I mainly shop in Zara Kids in Birmingham although only every now and again I find a few things. There is a mass of great items on there Online site that never seem to reach my local branch store, which is a shame sometimes as we all know with children, random spontaneous parties happen - or as mummy's or guardians we tend to forget what month were in and before you know it the event or party has creeped right up upon us #mummyproblem101 - ohhh thats just me ok - #myproblem lol.

for the Love of Zara Kids. What I love about Zara Kids is how trendy, upto date and how they still take into consideration how much a child will be playing whilst wearing them. The shirt below was bought a while ago but is still avaliable online. It goes with everything and gives a polished party/event look without the stiff shirt look. I do love a good shirt and jeans combo on little boys and this was a great price, without it being to expensive. Go check it out online and grab something before and be a little ahead of everyone or before it becomes instock at your local branch. Links below enjoy your evening X

Nike Jordans

Zara Boys Shirts ..list of all shirts 3-4yrs

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